Monday March 16 | Job Hunting in Today’s Economy

March 13, 2009 at 9:23 am | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

We’ll talk with career experts about what can help job seekers be more employable in tough economic conditions and what jobs are really out there right now. We’ll also talk about what career counselors are telling their students who are about to graduate and enter this economic climate.
Tom Lane – Management Consultant, Whitehead Associates
Denise Dwight Smith
– Director, UNC Charlotte Career Center
Since this is an encore presentation, we won’t be able to take your phone calls.

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  1. Why re-run such a weak offering? There is less than one job opening per five applicants at present (unless the applicant has connections, as with Meck.County). The government will obviously have to intervene with make-work to keep people housed and fed, unless we want to stick strictly to handouts. The plentiful skill sets do not match what is available, and the educational system has not proven anticipatory in its offerings for the most part. Quit stringing out of work poor people along to these pitiful job fairs with their last gas and “application outfit” purchases. Have a heart and tell the truth. This is not a crisis of confidence, but a debt emergency, where the wealthy have all the purchasing power and can’t use it. Drastic global reform will be necessary.

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