Wednesday March 11 | Mecklenburg County Budget

March 10, 2009 at 10:56 am | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

County Manager Harry Jones joins us to discuss the budget for Mecklenburg County. We’ll talk about how the current economy is affecting the budget and about some of the cuts in county funding, including major cuts in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools budget.
Harry Jones
– County Manager, Mecklenburg County

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  1. Would you please ask Harry Jones how DSS was able to hire Samara Foxx, the wife of City Councilman Anthony Foxx, after posting the job for only one day?

    What if any changes in hiring policy does he intend to make?

  2. Thanks for asking the question.

    These are facts, not allegations.

    You backed into it, but I appreciate you asking it.

    DSS hiring *IS* a budget issue. Thanks, Mike.

  3. Mr. Collins, You sounded very angry that only schools would suffer staffing cuts. I think it may not have occurred to you that reductions in operating hours will mean reduction in staff. If the libraries have to reduce their hours of operation to 40 hours per week, it will mean the elimination of 122 jobs. That’s if their budget is cut by 20%. If the recession deepens more than estimated, more jobs will be lost.
    It was ironic to me that you suggested closing all libraries and at the same time mentioned white collar workers needing retraining. Library use is sky-rocketing right now. People recently laid off are coming in to file online for their unemployment benefits and to search for and apply for jobs. Those who do not know how to use computers are signing up for the FREE computer classes the library offers (as opposed to CPCC classes they have to pay for). It is indeed a sad irony that at the exact time more county services are needed, the county has to cut those very services.
    I wish you would do some more investigating into how libraries are really used in this county before dismissing them as not needed “because of the Internet.”

  4. Harry sounded pretty helpless. How can a position such as his be said to be “in charge.” I know how to get a job now: Just tell them I’m Pat McCrory’s smarter brother and the doors will open like the Pearly Gates with dollars raining down. Charlottetown rules sure are pretty rubbery! The Queen City should be cited for indecent exposure for showing its (can’t say that on prissy blogs). If Jennifer Roberts is that daft she could drive posts with her head and suffer no pain. (The City and County are the same thing, just maintain at least two sets of books.)

  5. As much as Mike Collins reads you’d think he’d see libraries may be more important than schools.

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