Wednesday March 4 | Connections to Health Care

March 3, 2009 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Renowned Humanitarian Paul Farmer joins us to talk about the social, economic and political facets of disease and the connections to gender inequality, education, stigmas, illness, and more in the Third World. We’ll also talk about steps that are being taken to raise health standards in the Third World, and in the West.
Dr. Paul Farmer
– M.D., Ph.D, and Director of Partners in Health

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  1. Mike, with all due respect, the term “third world countries” is out of fashion. The current term is “developing countries or nations.” Of course Haiti might be a special case. I’m curious about your guests opinion on this matter.

    Thank you Mike. Love the show, especially when you are on air. Chris Klacken is no Mike Collins, with all due respect.

  2. I just finished listening to Mountains Beyond Mountains, and was especially impressed with so many illustrations of speaking truth to power, with love and humor and anger when needed. One concept that has stayed with me is from an exchange in an airport when the narrator, Tracy Kidder, remarks to Dr. Farmer that “it’s another world” from the extreme poverty the two had just flown away from. I can’t recall Dr. Farmer’s exact reply, but wonder if Dr. Farmer could share his thoughts again now in response to that idea. Thank you both for your work.

  3. Paul Farmer, I’m wondering what led you to abandon the “success ethic”.
    What kind of home life did you come from? (I heard you say you were a scholarship student.) Who were your role models and mentors when you decided to work with migrant workers as a college sophomore. What specifically were you studying and what books were you reading?

    Thanks for your vision and your work.

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