Wednesday February 25 | Al Jazeera English

February 25, 2009 at 8:27 am | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

We’ll take a look at the impact of Arabic news outlet, Al Jazeera on the political and cultural dialogue. We’re joined by a communication expert who just completed a study on the English version of Al Jazeera. We’ll ask– does Al Jazeera increase or decrease cross-cultural dialogue?


Dr. Mohammed el-NawawyCommunication Professor, Queens University of Charlotte
Shawn Powers – Ph.D Candidate, Annenberg School for Communication

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  1. A study showed that there was a 60% increase for where you can stream Al Jazeera English live (and other int’l channels) since we can’t get it thru satellite.

    I do watch this on my computer and they run stories we just don’t get covered here in the US. For example they covered the latest report put out by Amnesty International which calls for a comprehensive arms embargo on Israel and Hamas based on evidence gathered by the research team in Gaza which showed the misuse of weapons obtained from outside sources in the commission of human rights violations by both parties.

    The report documents how the US is the largest exporter of weapons and munitions to Israel and says the US then as a special obligation to ensure the US made weapons aren’t used in the killing of civilians. There was wide coverage internationally – not just on Al Jazeera, yet here in the US … silence.

    Concord, NC

  2. There are other “good sources” for news about Afghanistan on the internet. is expanding its Dari news articles to English. Its editor, Kamran Mir Hazar, along with a staff of journalists, independent writers, Americans and Afghans, and others from around the world are working hard to bring a variety of articles to world wide audiences. For full disclosure, my husband is the English pages editor. Our eldest son who serving in the US military (currently in Mosul Iraq) spent a year in Afghanistan. He inspired my husband to help with good journalist reporting from Afghanistan.

  3. I personally would like to see Aljazeera English as a channel offered here, I would probably watch it, but I don’t quite see it being offered in a main package of channels but rather in one of those specialized subset of packages that include tons of channels that have small, niche markets. (for instance ABC, CNN, Disney, ESPN, Discovery vs. Outdoor Network, History International, Military Channel, DIY Network)

  4. While in Dubai, I got exposed to Al Jazeera English version and fell in love with it. While it does have an Arabian slant but found coverage of US respectful. In fact feel that some of the US networks are far more disrespectful than Al Jazeera.

    We definitely need more cross cultural dialogue into what other countries edure and broadcast.

    Joel Leonard

  5. My first introduction to Al Jazeera were Max Keiser’s humorous economic reports that predicted our present Depression. He was silly but much more honest than our domestic commentators. They started out with BBC trained staff mostly but now have a global mix including American correspondents. Some of the sets and graphics do exhibit an Arabic motif, but even that’s informative. We do need Al Jazeera here.

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