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February 18, 2009 at 10:10 am | Posted in Coming Up | 23 Comments

We’ll discuss the recent announcement that a football program will be added to the UNC Charlotte Athletic Department. They should begin play in 2013, but a University-level football program costs tens of millions of dollars, and the University doesn’t even have its own stadium. Join us for a conversation on the future of football at UNC Charlotte.
Judy Rose – Athletic Director, UNC Charlotte
For more information on Football at UNC Charlotte, click here.

  • Read our online chat from earlier today with Judy Rose. Click here.

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  1. As a UNC Charlotte student I’m like a lot of my peers: I’d certainly like a football team to cheer for but I’m leery about the price tag. I suppose it all depends on how the program is funded. I think as much of the money as possible should come from donations and fund raising events but a minimum should be tacked on to the students cost of attending. (I think this falls under the “fees” category)

  2. Believe it or not, many students choose a school/university specifically because it does NOT have football.

    Both the football program as well as the culture the sport creates are not valued by all. Many students, particularly those who excel in academics, perceive football as a drain – not a boon.

  3. Of the 20,000 + at Charlotte, Laura, I would venture to guess you’re one of a very few who feel that way.

    Football is not a drain on UNC-CH, Duke, tOSU, VT, Cal-Berkeley, etc.

  4. You pay for it then jfelt, and leave Laura’s money alone. What pleasures will you sacrifice for a seasonal spectacle of violence and deceit. Do you love it because it mimicks and amplifies the debauchery of your career? (Weren’t you one of the recruited booster callers?) How about a plebescite to test your assumption of unquestioning support?

  5. Test

  6. Why was my accurate and time-consuming comment removed? Can you not take the valid criticism? How about an email explanationon this censorship WFAE?

  7. Judy Rose did a great job this morning explaining the ins and outs of this. UNC-Charlotte needs and deserves a football team as much as any other state school in NC. If you are a student at UNC-Charlotte, your fees go up $100 a year. Big freaking deal. Students pay fees for all kinds of stuff that they never use, so if you don’t like football and have a skewed sense of what the sport is about, then don’t go to the games.

  8. Actually Laura is not alone, I know several students in high school and one at NCSU that said that they took into consideration whether or not a university had a football team… that is they preferred NOT to have one.
    I certainly don’t have a problem with a football team but it does concern me on occasions how much attention is paid to it and how those teams and all of the organizations and institutions that accompany them seem to draw attention away from other, worth-while things. Les Miles’s (LSU) ultra massive salary (what is it, $9 million?) sounds grotesque and I always think about how many other things that money could have been spent on. College football is an important part of the American culture but I do not think it should totally dominate the landscape as it seems to do sometimes. Of course I’d love to have a team to cheer for (I’d probably start going to more athletic events) but that initial price tag sounds pretty steep.
    @ Joe:
    The last time I heard (way back in spring 2008 I think) the additional cost per student was estimated at ~$300 or something like that which explains my initial negative reaction to the football team at that time. I don’t agree with the myriad of fees attached to attending college but that’s another story…
    While I’m on a roll, I heard before that the addition of a football team would increase the amount of funding that other athletic programs receive too. I don’t know if this was covered because I didn’t hear it but I’d like to think that a football team wouldn’t totally overshadow the other sports and may even help them.

  9. Since Wendy has apparently destroyed the material I posted earlier, probably on advice from others, I will attempt to summarize and reconstruct my post:

    1. I believe the inception of UNCC football has been deceitful and imposed. The coach featured on this show obviously has a vested interest in this type of program growth. I further believe some of the callers and posters were coached and solicited by key football advocates.This program well illustrates the tendency of growth for growth’s sake, with inside movers getting a take.

    2.Mike Collins reverted to an earlier commercial persona and became an unashamed advocate of this conspiracy. WFAE was hijacked for vested interests. This was even more blatant than the IKEA promotion.

    3.As an advocate of federal taxpayer designation (People would be able to choose the uses of their levy.) I see this football putch as a backward step against genuine grassroots movements. There is evidence of astro-turfing and hierarchical imposition of a pre-fab agenda. A genuine interest could have been determined by polling the UNCC student body. This was not considered.

    4. Let me refer you to a post by “Irene” at Bill Moyers Journal Blogs-“Michael Winship: Dr. Gregorian’s 3 Rs: Reading, Writing and Recession.” It was posted on Feb. 13th and can be accessed under the roster retrieved by clicking “more posts.” Her arguments are well stated; but warning, the text contains a partially deleted version of one of George Carlin’s seven dirty words that WFAE is concerned the innocent will guess at. The timing of the posts shows there is significant opposition to new sports funding in these hard times.

    5.One CT caller insisted that we need more diversions, the spectacle of college football filling that need. With the current media explosion and the new permissiveness concerning public sex and gambling any thoughtful person can discern this is mistaken. There may already be an oversaturation of college football teams in NC.

    6.Several other callers promised to pony up financially for the program and one said Charlotte is blessed with a surplus of eager millionaires. At a time when any owner of a sprawling ranch house in a good neighborhood might be said to be a millionaire this sounds silly. Because private business and big corporations are not currently able to step up, local United Way campaigns have fallen short and food bank shelves are barren. (I could extrapolate here about the iatrogenic nature of organized charity, but I will desist.)
    The big players seem to have enough challenge just holding their enterprises together. I suspect these specific callers were solicited and/or coached.

    7. Tangent to the current discussion and WFAE staff actionds, I do not think posts should be rejected because the writer characterizes public figures as “old sawhorses” and “half-civilized barbarians.” These people invited such mild name-calling when they commandeered public resources for a contrary minority interest. There is humor and entertainment value in the creative use of derogatory language. It is traditional in our national media debates. Such fearful and extreme censorship defeats the espoused purposes of public radio and shows that minor functionaries involved cannot take a joke, or even warranted criticism.

    8.This time I have spent recovering my free speech offered in the interest of open public debate will be charged off against my anticipated $150 WFAE membership fee. If you sweet darlings aren’t careful you’ll soon be owing me money.

  10. Jack, the response that didn’t meet the Discussion Guidelines was sent back to you earlier today as you requested. It should be in your email box.

  11. Jack:

    Um, what?

  12. I retract my accusation of censorship against the Charlotte Talks team and WFAE. Wendy expertly provided me my original submission with 4 objections highlighted. I stand by my suspicions about the UNCC football promotion and the overzealous policing of copy. I concede the objection imported from Moyers may have crossed the line for our particular genteel audience. Consider this exchange a debate and a testing of tolerance and professionalism on my part. Please recognize that this society is far more brutal and cruelly manipulative than it appears on the surface (in broadcast media) and that what might seem minor issues now may become matters of life and death for particular individuals at a later date. Possible scenario: Suffocating athsmatic is turned away from hospital for lack of funds while sparsely attended UNCC football match proceeds in posh sky-boxed stadium. I can’t predict the future but I can weigh the possibilities. Our resources are finite and our tolerance for spectacle are limited.

  13. Jack:
    You should run for Congress. You make a mounatin out of a mole hill. The Athletic Director addressed the questions. If there were “plants”, who cares.
    The enthusiasm of the discussion (outside of yours, which is pompous and arrogant) was jock-oriented. You don’t have to listen. You don’t have to support the University. And, you certainly don’t have to shop IKEA since that is also a burr in your saddle.
    Take a deep breath, let it out, and look back on the history of football at UNC Charlotte. There was NEVER a vote in the entire 16-campus UNC System that brought more students to the Polls than this opportunity. The students wanted it and made it happen. Phil Dubois had no interest in the sport when he arrived, often referring to the sport as the “F” word. It was the students determination that made this happen. Isn’ that relevant?

  14. Thanks Mark.

  15. The people didn’t want war in Afghanistan or Iraq either, you business clones, but an agenda was pursued over their heads. People deserve better than to have a fait accompli paraded before them at their expense without input. I believe some schools, especially commuter campuses in declining socially retarded banking towns, should rule out jock ball as foolish. I believe this in the same way I believe some little country towns should remain dry and not have alcohol sales. It is a matter of providing the diversity necessary for meaningful choice. It is your capitalist growth dream that is dying, and my style of alternatives that is being called forth. To relish your mindset look backward: No, that’s redundant: You’ll automatically look backward from now on. Take you tax refund and buy some fiberboard goodies before IKEA shuts down, why don’t ya.

    I have as much right to comment on any broadcast I choose as anyone else, and don’t you ever dare forget it.

  16. Suppose we hadn’t gone to war in Iraq. Say we saved a gazillion dollars. Pretend that Bush and Cheney didn’t profit from torture. Suspend disbelief that assumes it was about oil and neocons. Wipe the word “Haliburton” out of your mind. Relish the thought of no “Patriot Act”. Forget the “Iraq Liberation Act of 1998” and all the warnings from Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Madeline Albright and the rest of the world. Also imagine that Israel doesn’t do the dirty work.

    Now fast forward. Since the inspectors were kicked out 11 years ago, Sadaam most likely has nukes. He also has chemical and biological weapons left over from gassing his people in ‘88. If not, he’s made more. He continues to sponsor terrorist. Maybe Al Qaida, maybe someone else…or both…and others. Either way Al Qaida is emboldened around the world. They’d gladly loose Afghanistan if they could operate unencumbered in places like Iraq.

    Danger has gathered, big time.

    There’s still a wall between the FBI and CIA, we aren’t listening to conversations from outside the country with known terrorist and there are no prisoners in Gitmo.

    There is no way that we wouldn’t have been hit again by an attack far more spectacular than 9/11 by now. These attacks would happen throughout the world. Israel would either be toast or there would be full blown nuclear war in the middle east.

    For good measure I’ll even stipulate that Osama Bin Laden is in jail. He’s complaining about the food and has a lawyer that says he wasn’t properly mirandized.

    If you think I’m describing something that I can’t know would have happened, I would agree but there are 2 important points: 1) So too is anyone that says, as many do, that these things wouldn’t have happened. They don’t know that at all. As crazy as it seems the idea that we would have been fine and dandy if we hadn’t gone to Iraq is almost universally accepted. And 2) every bit of logic, evidence and history shows that the scenario I laid out is very probable. Certainly more probable than world peace through appeasement.

    Instead, we have been safe. We are still free in the greatest country on earth. This freedom allows people like Jack Martin to complain and whine about football at UNC Charlotte. He’s free to think he knows better than the rest and to say so here. He’s free to be angry and bitter. Jack, you have no idea how blessed you are.

  17. Gregg: 9/11 was most likely a false-flagged mission facilitated by our own leadership. Our law enforcement and judicial failures precede from denial. I agree that global corporate capitalism was most likely inevitably poised to implode even without Bushite excesses. (The democratic party is a co-fraud to the republican one.) This is a nation of pre-empted choices, and your insistence that football goes with higher learning like peanut butter with jelly illustrates a lack of imagination, and a mistakenly believed personal stake in sports enterprises. Don’t you have an x-box or play station to dispel your animal aggression? I’ll borrow a line from “Ciderhouse Rules”, “What business is you in….?” (Maybe you could just reply with, “huh?” again.)

  18. OK Jack, for the sake of this discussion I’ll stipulate that I have “a lack of imagination” (even though I make a living off it). I’ll say that I have a “mistakenly believed personal stake in sports” (even though I’ve never watched a college football game). Oh yea, evidently I have “animal aggression(s)” as well. All of that based on my “insistence that football goes with higher learning like peanut butter with jelly”. Funny, I don’t remember insisting that but they’re nice valid, civil points. It’s this kind of honest debate that really moves discourse forward.

    I simply support freedom and am thankful to those who paid for it.

  19. Freedom: If you mean that billions of souls have been sacrificed to capitalism so that I can pester Mike Collins and you can watch the Splendid table I agree with you whole-heartedly. Things are mighty quiet over at the Watercooler: Maybe Charlotte minds switched already to digital, or maybe they’re off-line. It is the way of the Internet to assume a personality constellation behind ideological posts that stereotypes the opponent. The protagonist/antagonist narrow their personae for conflict and thereby lessen their full human complement. Let’s concede that we hardly know one another and hope that we have the opportunity to meet at a civil WFAE event. I was immensely startled that you allowed me space to assert conspiracy without labeling me delusional. You are far from typical.

  20. Jack,

    In a way, you’re giving me more credit that I deserve. At first glance I mistakenly assumed you were talking about Iraq being a “false-flagged mission facilitated by our own leadership”. It was after I posted that I caught my error and realized you wrote 9/11 not Iraq. I choose not to follow up because my objective is to convince or be convinced. If that’s your position then it’s unlikely that you can be convinced and I see no point in trying. Even if I did try, I wouldn’t call you “delusional”. It serves no purpose.

  21. Wait, how did we go from starting up a football program to Iraq and government conspiracies? The myriad of emails made me initially think Mr Martin & Mr Smith were replying to me.

  22. I’ll take the blame for that one. Sometimes my eagerness to keep the debate honest gets me sidetracked. My bad.

  23. Haha, it’s fine. As long as you’re passionate about something, right? I wish I had more time to listen to the show before my first class starts so that I wouldn’t ask questions that are addressed during the show. Most of what I expressed in both my 1st and 2nd post were explained/soothed/addressed during the show.

    As it is right now I have to wait like 2-3 days before the podcast is available.

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