Thursday February 12 | Charlotte Schools in this economy

February 12, 2009 at 8:47 am | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

Join us for a conversation with CMS Superintendent Dr. Peter Gorman. We’ll discuss the economic concerns the schools are facing currently and what may be cut from the current and upcoming budgets. We’ll also take your comments.


Dr. Peter Gorman – Superintendent, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

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  1. Literacy is necessary, but so is computer literacy, internet literacy and now social media literacy. Were Charlotte to make sure that all seniors are literate in the use of the new important tools like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and such, we could prepare them in ways that many other subjects simply cannot. These new tools are even more important than pencils and buildings.

    The economic downturn is countered by advances in technology which make learning from home very easy indeed. All homes need to have computers and broadband. If workers can and should telecommute…why can’t students? Maybe some hybrid with schools reserved for the occasional group activity could be designed.

    Let’s make an exponential leap in our citizens’ knowledge, abilities and connectedness.. with each other, and, the larger world. We are, after all, Charlotte, and North Carolina. What could be better?

  2. I’m a grandmother who works second shift.
    I have mornings free.
    I once had a valid K-3 teachers certificate
    and am a teacher at heart.
    I registered on-line to volunteer and haven’t heard back about that.
    Can I be of help?

  3. Mike, thank you so much for pressing Dr. G on the lottery money issue. The county is breaking the law by not following the guide lines set forth by the state. Shifting money around is not augmenting education.

  4. I only caught the first 10 minutes of the broadcast but what I did hear sounded rather spot on with what I know and understand.

    Yes, money is tight.
    Yes, education is important.
    Yes, there are a zillion ways to cut costs.

    But the salaries for the teachers makes up a very large chunk of the cost of running the system. I don’t understand why there are never any discussions on lowering the salaries of these teachers. It sounds like a 5% or 10% cut in the salaries of everyone work in CMS would save a ton of money and no one would be jobless. With the way things are right now it’s very hard to get a job and I’d rather slim up my lifestyle a little bit in order to keep my job.

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