Monday February 9 | Balance of Nature

February 9, 2009 at 8:57 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Dr. Daniel Botkin has traveled the world to learn more about nature in balance and nature in adaptation. From moose in the far north, elephants in Africa, bowhead whales in northern oceans to the forest in North and Central America, he’s examined nature undisturbed. He also studies human interaction with nature and our impact on the environment.
Dr. Daniel Botkin – Professor Emeritus, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara

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  1. I take issue with your esteemed guest’s characterization of extinctions in the recent geological past as relatively minor (I’m paraphrasing him here). I am not a professional scientist, but I have an interest in birds and particularly parrots. One of my bird books, I can’t recall which one, made the claim in the the early 1990s that we are living with fewer than one third of the bird species that were extant just 200 years ago. Coincidence or correlation is not causation, but this time span does mesh neatly with the rise of modern industry. Here is a link to a news story about bird species that are threatened:

  2. Seems to me we humans would do well to absorb and develop the ideas of Bucky Fuller, Lynn Margolis, Richard Shultes, Paul Hawken, and Dr. Botkin…all of whom seem to share a holistic, broadband view of the life of the earth. Has Dr. Botkin worked with these scientists and thinkers…and if so, what did he take from them? Also…if Earth is Gaia…what is oil? Bile? Blood? Are we killing the earth from the inside out?

  3. I enjoyed hearing the last few minutes of today’s program. I would appreciate if you might ask Dr. Botkin to follow up via e-mail so that I might ask a few questions regarding regarding “Energy Efficiency” programs at the household level for which he might have insights, connections. I realize that his areas of interest center on a broader perspective of the natural world, but I might also imagine that he has intereaction with people that deal with this topic in a problem solving capacity. I can be reached at Thanks ahead!

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