Thursday January 29 | Human Rights

January 27, 2009 at 3:32 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

From Darfur to Guantanamo Bay, questions of basic human rights dominate the political and socio-economic landscape. We’ll explore the concept of human rights and how it is defined around the world.

Dr. Alexa RoydenInternational Studies, Queens University of Charlotte

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  1. Chris Clacken (sp.) has used the term ‘uncivilized’ to describe the ‘other’ I have to assume. Uncivilized? Who is more uncivilized than those people in DEVELOPED countries, yes, including the U.S. who treat their children brutally. Chris, you don’t have to go as far as Brazil to point fingers are child abuse and child cruelty. Just look around you in this city, this state, this country. How many children run away from abusive homes and become the prey of pimps and even ‘civilized’ adults who use these children for their sexual pleasure? How many children are starved, beaten, emotionally battered by their parents or foster parents right here in the good ol’ USA? ‘Uncivilized’ countries? Chris, take your head out of the sand and stop looking outside ‘us’ (US) to castigate others for the treatment of their children. We aren’t doing such a great job either.

  2. What material considerations are covered by human rights? (Food and water, rudimentary medical care, access to gainful employment)??? Doesn’t the state owe the unemployed something under the implied social contract?

  3. Unfortunately, I only caught part of the show, but I thought the points brought up were good and thought provoking. The solution to the “enforcement” of human rights is only necessary because of the fact that not all individuals value, respect and agree with human rights. If that were in place (I know its idealistic), then we wouldn’t have to enforce them. Youth for Human Rights is an organization dedicated to that purpose. They have some awesome materials to make Human Rights known and implemented. It is amazing how many people don’t even know what they are. Here’s their website

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