Thursday January 15 | Footprints of a King

January 14, 2009 at 10:11 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

We’ll explore the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. Local TV reporter and Documentarian Steve Crump just finished a new documentary about the history of the movement. He’s interviewed major players including Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, Al Sharpton and the children of MLK Jr. He’ll take us on a tour of Civil Rights history around the Southeast.
Steve Crump – WBTV News reporter, Documentarian
Charles Jones – Participant in the Rock Hill Sit ins
Rev. Robert Graetz – Former Lutheran Minister in Montgomery Alabama

  • Footprints of a King airs on WTVI on 1/19 at 8pm, 1/20 at 11pm and 1/23 at 8pm.

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  1. Could Mr. Crump please talk about the concept of “Satyagraha” as exemplified by the lives of Gandhi and King…and as illustrated beautifully by the music of Phillip Glass? In these bullying times, it seems a good notion for the world to ponder.


  2. Thank you Steve Crump, and thanks to these freedom heroes, guests testifying today. May I ask the importance of Highlander Folk School to the movement in your experience, or as revealed in Mr. Crump’s research. Did either of you know Miles and Zilphia Horton?

  3. What a great discussion. Really enjoyed Mike Collins’ in depth questions. His comfort with the discussion demonstrates a really open mind. My thought on the question of how Dr. King might feel about the apparent decline in the focus on education as an imperative in the black community is that I think this decline parallels what is seem in the larger American culture. Of course the impact on minorities is greater since we have less financial reserve. Americans in general have been focused less on academic achievement. Also, I think most progress is stepwise and not a steady incline. I am optimistic that the black community is committing itself again to focusing on education for children and adults that is not totally dependent on the school system. A new president and first lady who are scholars who did not come from wealthy beginnings will be helpful role models for our children.

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