Thursday January 8 | Career Transitions in a Tough Economy

January 7, 2009 at 11:27 am | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

We’ll look into what professionals affected by layoffs might be doing to reevaluate their career paths and improve their skills, and figure out what’s next to get back on track. We’ll also find out how one University is helping professionals cope with what is, or may be ahead.
Krista Tillman – Dean, Hayworth College at Queens University
Bob Morgan – President, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

  • For information about Queens University’s “Careers in Transition” Seminars, click here.

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  1. “Careers in Transition” seminars at Queens

    An ecapsulation: “I hope none of the things you’re offering are needed by any of our listeners in the near future.” Mike Collins, at the conclusion of this show.

    This infomercial marketed a flawed $149 product. “Professionals” (displaced or career change curious), but with resources, were the target group. One would expect this group to be discerning and careful in their career planning, but the appeal by a Queens College dean and the president of Charlotte Chamber of Commerce was poorly framed and focused. Participants would take the ancient and widely available (You can do it for free on the net.) Myers-Briggs aptitude (personality type as in Jungian theory) assessment, hear 3 or 4 motivational book authors speak (along with the chamber president), and network with the goal of recruiting some seminees to Queens College career programs. I suspect it is Queens College that has been “laid off” and is “seeking a career change” at public expense.

    Maybe that would be justified considering the teachers, nurses and other helping professionals they have produced, and how these individuals have had their career lives improved by Queen’s programs in the past. But realize please that,”When it’s over; it’s over.” The economic and governmental climate is in a “wait and see” phase, and maybe Queens is cobbling together a “shovel ready” program to harvest Obama’s bounty. Do we need more nurses and teachers who’ll later become idled by repugnant conditions in soured careers? Mismatched human resources people and MBAs are certainly not needed. Education is now vastly overpriced for what the student gets, and the loan interest makes the product even less attractive.

    Not only was Mike Collins plainly disappointed with the presenters’ language juggling and phatic content, but promoters of competing upscale programs began to call in (CPCC, architects, etc.). This piece was poorly prepared and suggested behind the scenes counter-productive networking to access a rare free broadcast resource. I expect the offering will garner sparse enrollment, but time was wasted and WFAE was harmed. I am curious if Mike will have the guts to repeat this show on channel 46.

    Note: Please see my essay on Professionalism at the Watercooler. I relish even hostile comments.

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