Friday December 19 | Job Hunting in Today’s Economy

December 18, 2008 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

We’ll talk with career experts about what can help them be more employable in tough economic conditions and what jobs are really out there right now. We’ll also talk about what career counselors are telling their students who are about to graduate and enter this economic climate.
Tom Lane – Management Consultant, Whitehead Associates Inc
Denise Dwight Smith
– Director, UNC Charlotte Career Center

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  1. Can your guests comment on the job search from the perspective of the older worker? I am in job search and have been told several times that I’m “overqualified.” I interpret this to mean that the employer wants to hire someone younger and cheaper.

  2. There are millions of people who have given up on working for someone else, somewhere else. People are going back to way it was for thousands of years, and are working at their home. Today this is done by using eBay, Craig’s List, FreeCycle, and the Internet in general.

    As Rumi once said: “Maybe the beauty you love…BE what you DO.” The best way to predict the future is to create it, so folks need to get into create mode, and create their new job. If it is green-collar…all the better.


  3. Forgive me. I’m stupid. The quote should have read: “May the beauty you love
    BE what you DO.”

    Not “Maybe”

    Again. I am stupid. What can I say?

  4. After being laid off last year, I started my own copywriting and editing business. I immediately found a full-time, long-term (flexible) contract with a company writing catalog copy and advertising. Just after they’d approached me about becoming the head copywriter of a department, my hours were cut, then my contract was terminated.
    Now, I’m starting to drum up business from scratch, but it is out there! Finding work online is a full-time job in itself at first but eventually, it pays off.
    The trauma of career change is frightening and can lead to depression, unless you immediately decide that only you are in control of your fate. It’s not an easy thing to do but staying positive taking charge is the first step in making it happen for yourself. (Yes, I’m still constantly convincing myself as well!)

  5. Maybe I don’t understand WFAE’s listener demographic but your guests seemed mighty privileged and elite compared with most people I know. Most people don’t have resources to start a business. My perception is that ebay possibilities are lately diminished and that Craig’s List money making opportunities are mostly confined to erotic services and outright prostitution. Sure, every once in a while someone gets lucky and a product or service catches on, but even in good times 90% fail.
    The 90% are a wasted effort and result in lost resources. Also, we might as well assume that going into debt to go back to school for training for positions that don’t exist is not an option for most of us, especially because college is grossly over-priced now. There were once 140 million people officially in the U.S. workforce, but at least 10 million positions have been lost this year. Unofficially, many more people are out of work, some with no income or benefits at all. Telling people to expend their last dollars staging themselves is pointless. It creates a panic of musical chairs. I really resented Louis Lane the 16th and Denise Antoinette telling the breadless to eat cake. Wendy Herky and Mike Collins, I know you know better than to make the same mistake again. Remember, Charlotte ain’t in no “sweet spot” anymore: Things are tough all over. Why not explore some real solutions in which we with time on our hands can participate. Thank you for some better shows but not this one.

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