Wednesday December 17 | Ombudsman Show

December 16, 2008 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 10 Comments

Join us for another edition of our Ombudsman show where you have the chance to have the ear of members of our leadership team. We’ll talk about editorial protocol, news coverage, programming decisions and much more. We invite your calls, emails and blog comments. If you ever wanted to know how your public radio station works, this is your chance.

Roger Sarow
– President and General Manager, WFAE
Paul Stribling
– Program Director, WFAE
Greg Collard
– News Director, WFAE

Read the “after show” online chat with our guests here.

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  1. I’ve been tuning into WNSC on the weekends for some variety, rather than double does of Car Talk, Wait, wait and PHC.

    I’ll second that guy for a two hour Charlotte Talks.

  2. Charlotte Talks has done a lot of interesting shows on religion but I would like to see more in this area. For example, I would like to see one about “non-doctrinal” religions such as Unitarian Universalism and Quakerism which, while subscribing to specific principles, do not have doctrines that members must believe. (I heard yesterday on Diane Rehm that Charles Dickens was a Unitarian.)
    Other topics I would like to see are the beliefs of mainstream Muslims, the history of that religion, the differences between the various mainstream Christian churches and Jewish denominations. Most people I know have no idea that it was the Muslim caliphate that kept a lot of western knowledge alive and was a flourishing, progressive society when Europe was in the Dark Ages.
    In our modern world it is important that we know about the belief systems of others and the impact that these beliefs have on their world view. Mike always does a great job with this topic.

  3. I notice that you have a lot of interesting writers, musicians, composers, visionaries, and such, from all over…on your Facebook friend list. Have you ever thought about mining your friendlist for potential future guests? You may not even be aware of your own personal goldmine…although I suspect you are.

    More discussions about social networks online would be appreciated.

    Happy holidays!

  4. Love the show and respect your work Mike. Appreciate your management’s willingness to accept the feedback.

    Hope you will reflect upon the TRUE value “academics” can bring to topics in the “real world”.


    If the talk show world were in crisis would you bring a professor from the local broadcasting school as an expert or people who were NOT on a payroll but had been in the business? Tony Plath seems like a nice guy and a smart teacher, but trust me, he knows zero about what really goes down on Trade/Tryon.

    Please pay attention to BB&T’s retiring CEO…he may be willing to tell the truth….

  5. I listened to the omsbudsmen this morning and noticed how one of them casually and off-handedly mentioned that News and Notes would be canceled. Where then is the voice of the African American community and other communities of color on local NPR stations? Tavis Smiley is gone, Michelle Martin can be found on other NPR outlets, but now you’re very blithely throwing Farai’s show under the bus. There are many listeners who welcome the voices from the Diaspora. Two hours daily of Diane Rehm and not one for Farai? Does Farai know this or was this a decision that will come as a surprise to her? Or maybe not…Gentlemen, I would take one hour of Farai Chideya over Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me any day. It seems to me that WFAE does not value the Black voice and I am at the point where I will no longer support the station if I can’t hear how the Black pundits, bloggers, politicos and just regular folk understand and respond to the news of the day.

  6. WFAE is really what I listen to the majority of time in my car. As a matter of fact, I leave it on all day at home so my cat can have some voices around and not feel too lonely.

    I have no issues with programs, but my one thing is I wish some staffers would learn to read out loud. It really is a specific skill for what you’re doing, and if you stumble through a newscast…not just every now and then…but every single newscast…it’s not pretty…or easy to listen. I can only think of “Broadcast News” where Aaron Altman (Albert Brooks) discovers he doesn’t want to read the news–he wants to report the news. It’s two separate skill sets. So, if you’re a great reporter, you may be a terrible anchor.

    Some rhythm, pace, pitch, and articulation is appreciated in the newscasts. Not to say you should sound like a “boss FM jock,” but at least sound awake! I may be driving into work or home from work!



  7. I listen to Charlotte talks everyday and really enjoy the show. I wish you would do a show on where all the lottery money is going. I haven’t heard of one dime going to the schools, instead I have heard of cutbacks on materials, teachers, and programs. I have two children in elementary school in Mecklenburg Co. and we are not seeing the benefits from the lottery.They are halting the construction on new schools, shouldn’t the lottery be picking up the tab when the county falls short. If only someone who does the accounting and distribution of the lottery funds would come forward and be honest about how these funds are being allocated, we the parents and the EDUCATION LOTTERY players would love to hear what they have to say. Oh, and by the way, what about the funds from ABC liquer stores? I was under the impression that they too were supposed to be giving funding to the schools. You never hear about either of these establishments disbursing any money, or if they had, how much. I just don’t understand how the schools are falling short on their budgets when there should be a good deal of funds coming from these two establishments. And don’t people drink alot more in a recession, because they can’t afford to do anything else? So, wouldn’t that mean that there is alot more money for these schools? Please, inquiring moms want to know. You couldn’t imagine, or maybe you could, the amount of parents constantly wondering about this. We would just like some answers, and if you guys can’t do it then no one can. Please consider this for a Charlotte Talks show topic.
    Oh, and by the way, It was neat to see Mike Collins doing the Grand Opening of Cotswold Elementary School last year. What a nice surprise. Finally to put a face to the voice.

    Thank you for all that you do.
    Best regards,
    NPR junkie

  8. Thanks to everyone for sharing your comments about WFAE’s programming. It’s very helpful to have all the feedback as we strive to provide you with the best public radio offerings. I did want to clarify one thing regarding the cancellation of the program “News and Notes”. NPR made that decision without any input from WFAE and the other stations who carry it. We’ve been very pleased to offer the program and will be working hard to find a replacement in the coming months.

    Paul Stribling
    WFAE Program Director

  9. Paul Stribling: I’m sure Mike is familiar with the particulars of early morning talk shows and would not like being up at night himself. The reception of Charlotte Talks does show a local hunger for non-partisan discussion of local resources, events and public affairs. You could use the Charlotte talks staff as a start-up and mentoring resource to launch a late night two hour call-in without losing the morning demographic. This might attract a younger audience especially with questions input from the website you already have in place. The new launches on NPR were an effort to please younger ears, but were too canned and never really clicked. (Weekend America was especially bad and I’m glad to see it canceled.)As a person who has often worked nights around Charlotte, I can tell you that plenty is going on and that at least 20% of people are awake at night. Others occasionally stay up. As I said about Mike, his advice on this possibility would be vital. He could probably help select a youthful or knowledgeable host. Feel free to contact me about this matter.

  10. yo…

    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!…

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