Tuesday December 16 | A Green Christmas

December 16, 2008 at 9:11 am | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

Many people are embracing a movement that introduces eco-friendly ways to celebrate the holidays. We’ll learn about eco-friendly party and planning tips and much more. Everything from presents to the paper used to wrap them to the lights decorating your house is going green.

Erin Seiling – Asst. Director, Reese Institute, Lenoir Rhyne University
Rachel Sutherland – Style Editor, Charlotte Observer
Zem Joaquin – Founder and CEO, ecofabulous.com

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  1. I give this show two shoes. It illustrates well the futility of trying to conserve and promote spending at the same time. The details of organic, green and fair trade often amount to rhetorical devices. Discussing how many angels can dance on a pin often makes these experts sound like pinheads. They even resort to sniping and one-up-man-ship in a catty way. Mike asked the first substantive question at 9:26: (paraphrase) “Isn’t a stylista dedicated to maximal and repeated consumption?” (If one was “Thoughtful” and “did all her research” she would waste many precious hours.)

    Tip: Use an up-side-down tomato cage as a tree and decorate it with edible fruit.

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