Tuesday December 2 | Tapping the Economic Pulse

December 1, 2008 at 10:50 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

For most of us, the economy is top of mind and everyday, there seems to be more bad news: bank bailouts, collapsing markets, falling consumer confidence, car companies with their hands out and on and on. How long can this continue? We’ll get some advice, assess our economic health and make some predictions.


Dr. John Silvia – Chief Economist, Wachovia
Dr. Dan Fogel – Assoc. Dean, Babcock School of Management, Wake Forest

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  1. Please see my comment under yesterday’s show. It applies to today as well. I seek replies to my comments.

  2. “Those that know ain’t speaking and those that are speaking don’t know”.

    The truth is, (listen closely to today’s show approx. minute 51) our financial system IS ALL ENRON all over again.

    A Managing Director can’t tell you what his balance sheet looks like? Either a) HE DOESN’t KNOW; or b) he won’t tell.

    Either answer should put him on the same track as Jeff Skilling, Ken Lay etc. Mike Collins not sure if you get it, but did you hear him say Paulson doesn’t know what the aggregate is either…results: Citi, was a white knight now needs a bailout, what kind of FOOL would believe BofA or Chase is ANY DIFFERENT?

    We all have heard the definition of insanity…..AIG, Wach. Citi, AMEX, all are now CERTIFIED FAILURES….my hunch is others are in line, and just have not HAD TO COME CLEAN-YET!

    What if I said one Bank alone is on the hook for a total possible exposure of $30 Trillion what would we do? What if the number is 5x that?
    Again listen to the WB economist not answer the question as to what is the possible total derivative exposure (around 50 minutes into todays show)

  3. So you think I am blowing smoke? See this from a decade ago, before derivatives got big.


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