Thursday November 20 | Soul Food & Charlotte: The Opera

November 20, 2008 at 8:47 am | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

We have food and music of the soul today on Charlotte Talks. First up, our monthly food show with Chef Peter Reinhart. Soul food has become as much a part of the African Diaspora and African American life as it is a set of recipes or cooking style. We’ll examine soul food in all of its manifestations.
Peter Reinhart – Chef-in-Residence
Frederick Opie – Author of Hog and Hominy
James Bazzelle – Owner, Mert’s Heart and Soul Restaurant

Then we’ll meet the creators of an innovative performance piece called Squonk Opera. The opera can be written to address the fame and foibles of a specific city and Charlotte has been graced with its own unique show.
Jackie Dempsey – Artistic Director, Composer, Pianist, Accordionist, Squonk Opera
Steve O’Hearn – Artistic Director, Artist, Wind Player, Squonk Opera


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  1. I think the notion is true that “down here” we just call it food, not Soul Food. I can attest that the Sunday dinner described (I think by James Bazelle) is pretty universal to traditional families in this region. Its a dying tradition but it is not specific to African-American families.

    I am a Charlotte native, and have been following a vegetarian diet for almost a decade. I love our restaurants that serve traditional foods but of course most of them use meat in preparation. Thanks to Merts for having vegetarian collards!! I look forward to Denise’s book.

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