Friday November 21 | Buffalo/Charlotte Connection & “Half-Backs”

November 20, 2008 at 8:50 am | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

We explore the growing connection between Charlotte and Buffalo, New York- why streams of Buffalo residents are relocating here, what kind of family life is being left behind. We’ll also talk about the cultural and political influence residents from other areas of the country are bringing to the region.
Scott Graf
– Morning Edition host, WFAE
Bill McCoy – Consultant, UNC Charlotte Urban Institute
James Abt – Buffalo resident, former Charlotte resident
Mark Kmidowski – Charlotte resident, former Buffalo resident

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  1. There’s a cautionary tale here. Big, self-feeding, bloated government that kills economic development. A government that overtaxs, by definition, is anti-business. How is it that large government and big union is not called what it is: a creation of Keynesian democrats. Andy from Tampa musta really grated Mike when he said don’t overspend on infrastructure because that will lead to decline. Mike has done nothing but advocate big government and expensive keynesian projects like lightrail.

    Remember, you northerners, what you’re fleeing. If you vote in the government of big spend/tax, you will re-make what you left. And the same thing will happen again. Business will no longer be competitive and will leave you yet again. I think they’re starting to get that now in buffulo. Much more so than they get it at wfae. They need a hefty dose of Austrian, supply-side economics.

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