Thursday November 13 | Nuclear Energy in America

November 11, 2008 at 10:32 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

With our dependency on oil a continuing issue, both presidential candidates mentioned nuclear energy as an important part of our energy plan. We’ll look at the current status of nuclear energy generation and how President Elect Obama would include nuclear in his plan.
Jim Warren
– Exec. Director, NC Warn
Adrian Heymer – Senior Director of New Plant Deployment, Nuclear Energy Institute

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  1. I think that technology can make the actual production of nuke energy safe, as long as we have a Werner Von Braun [former NASA chief] overseeing the plants.

    My concern is the 15,000 years that the waste has to be protected. I took some environmental geology courses back in the 1970’s which addressed this issue and I am now less skeptical of climate change problems waste disposal sites. Has any progress been made in vitrification, glass enclosed waste capsules {that do degrade} etc.?? Any plans to move them with forklifts every 100 years? whats the game plan now?

  2. “climate change problems [with] waste disposal sites” by that I mean desert area storage sites that start getting a lot of rain etc.

  3. Mike, on the Average Joe’s show two days following this one, “We live in an irrational culture of fear, I really believe that, pushed by the media.”

    Mike, on this nuclear show, “How can we be certain that these reactors are safe, we can’t believe these companies or the government to keep us safe.”

    It’s some good fear mongering and a complete 180 from Mike in just two days. Especially when you contrast the two scenarios: it is far more likely that Mike will be killed by a random criminal than by a nuclear reactor. Yet he thinks criminal violence is overhyped but the nuclear threat is genuine. Something is rotten in the state of NPR.

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