What Now?

November 7, 2008 at 8:00 am | Posted in Your Ideas | 3 Comments

Well its all over. The lengthy and in-depth election process has come to a close. We now have a President and Vice President Elect and many, many other seats decided. We’ve been so immersed in campaigns and election coverage the past several months and years, it almost makes you wonder- what comes next? Well… we’d like you to help answer that question.

We have an hour, five mornings a week to fill with something other than the election. What kind of stories and topics have you been missing through all of the election talk? What are you looking forward to revisiting or exploring? We’d love to know.

You can leave a comment here of course, or you can email us: charlottetalks@wfae.org
Thanks for your suggestions and thanks for listening!


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  1. I will never vote a Republican ticket again because of HOW Repubs have conducted themselves this year…the vile tactics have turned my stomach. However, if they are the patriotic Americans that they claim to be and are truthful in trying to get our country back on track, I am willing to listen to their ideas, too. The personal attacks and lies to promote fear and anger will not gain my ear. It is destructive. It is nothing more than greed for power. The overall policies have not worked. The election will prove that change is the only way for us to get back on track.

    We need to pull together and act like Americans who really care more about OUR country than “being right.”
    Tho this has been the dirtiest campaign I can remember, we still need to put all this behind us and get to work! The worst of the economic crisis has not hit us yet. That on top of having to clean up Bush’s many messes, will take time, effort, and cooperation.
    Because we live in a country of many ideas, many faiths, many talents, it is imperative that we come together with the character that inspires progress rather than more greed for power. We need to pick up where we were after 9/11, before we were led off course by opportunistic agendas. Our world has changed while we paid no attention. We need to catch up. We need to reinstate the education of our youth, reinstate livable wages for the people who work, reinstate the dedicated care of our sick, and begin our part in helping our earth overcome the misuse of its resources.

  2. I am excited to see what Obama does as president. The hard part is still to come.

    But my immediate question is when will we have the North Carolina result? And why is it taking so long? I have yet to hear or read an explanation (though I did miss Open Phones this morning – will get the podcast).

  3. I was up at 5am to work the voting polls at my local precinct. It was an incredible experience to watch and participate in the election process. I am so humbled by the peaceful process and the transition of power to our new President-Elect Barack Obama. Voters stood in line and waited to cast their vote. We had no problems throughout the day. The polls closed at 7:30. We processed the results and I drove the results to the Board of Elections office in downtown Charlotte. I felt pride as I raced to deliver the results. I already knew the count. Out of 1000+ votes, I knew that Obama had over 600+ votes. As I learned the results from across our nation, I wept tears of joy. As a nation we achieved change. As a 46 year old white male, I will never forget this day and I will make sure my children learn of my experience and the hope and love I have for my country.

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