Monday November 10 | Education Expert Jonathan Kozol

November 7, 2008 at 11:51 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Jonathan Kozol is perhaps one of the biggest critics of this nation’s education system, but his criticism is aimed at making our schools better. He shares his recommendations and addresses the mania of testing over teaching on the next Charlotte Talks.
Jonathan Kozol
– Educator and activist
Author of The Shame of the Nation, Letters to a Young Teacher, Savage Inequalities
This conversation was prerecorded as part of Lenoir Rhyne’s Visiting Writers Series

Web Extra: Hear Jonathan Kozol’s story about a close friend, Mr. Rogers. Click to Listen.

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  1. Jonathan Kozol knows the strains of my profession like no other. He validated my existence as a middle school English teacher if only for moments. I will still question my path tomorrow. I am an idealist much like the teacher he revered in his book Letters to a Young Teacher, yet the worthiness of my profession vacillates when I balance my checkbook each month. I feel the tight grip of unequal pay in a field buttressed and braved by a female majority.
    I am pained by the outlook for the low-income rural population I teach who have enormous unrealized potential. From my trenches, I have fairy tale moments where I head out to Washington wielding a deafening megaphone and sound the call for a system that will honor the humanity of both students and their teachers. De facto segregation based on economic strata is grotesque and deplorable in this era. Too is the pay scale for one of the most important and demanding jobs known to man (woman).

  2. Just hearing the titles of this race hustler’s books told me all I needed to know about this show so I immediately skipped to the next podcast. I just knew this show was aiming to make me feel bad for actually succeeding at public school but would offer me a way to feel better: giving a lot more in tax money that would ultimately be flushed down the toilet because the government cannot even remotely approximate parental involvement in a child’s life.

    If you want to fix public schooling, abolish the department of education. That’s your first step.

  3. what was jonathan kozol’s child life like?

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