Wednesday November 5 | Post-Election Open Phones

November 4, 2008 at 3:29 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

A look at the outcomes of all of the local, state and national political races and we take your phone calls with your thoughts on the election and its results.

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  1. Kudos to WFAE reporters’ excellent coverage tonight (or last night.) This is my first Presidential Election in NC, I am thrilled to be a member of WFAE, and so happy with your service!

  2. I did not vote for Obama in the primary because I thought he was too inexperienced. But after witnessing the direction that McCain took his campaign, I decided that judgment is just as importance as experience. I’m in that white female demographic that voted for Obama.

    Obama was always calm, restrained, and presidential; McCain appeared impulsive, desperate and willing to do anything to get elected – the nasty tone of the Republican ads and stump speeches (especially trying to link Obama to Ayers and the PLO), the choice of Sara Palin as a running mate, suspending his campaign to go back to Washington, and of course the whole “Joe the Plumber” idiocy. The McCain that might have garnered my vote was absent the entire campaign – until last night’s concession speech.

    I’m also pleased that Dole’s last ditch desperate “Godless American” ad seemed to have backfired. How disingenious for her campaign to claim that they didn’t intend to make people believe it was Kay Hagan speaking at the end of the ad! I’m very tired of the negative campaign ads and definitely won’t miss them.

    I listened to the election returns on WFAE and only turned on the TV to watch the McCain and Obama speeches. Good job guys!

  3. I am at work and unable to call in, but I want to comment on something that probably won’t be brought up concerning local elections. I think it is clear now we need to change the way judges are selected. Elections are clearly not the way when someone like William Belk wins the vote. He is openly running out of spite. He is not en experience lawyer, and as far as I can tell he only has a law degree because his family could afford it. He really has no business being anywhere near a bench. I hope no lasting damage is done by his future decisions.

    I’ll spare you and the listeners and won’t get started on Nick Mackey.

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