Monday November 3 | Pre-Election Day Show

October 31, 2008 at 12:11 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

We’ll take a last look at what voters will see on the ballot in this year’s election. In addition to the Presidential race and the NC Gubernatorial race, we’ll cover the NC US Senate race, our local Congressional races and the Mecklenburg County Bonds.
Dr. Eric Heberlig – Assoc. Professor, Political Science, UNC Charlotte
Bob Kravchuk – Chair of Political Science Dept., UNC Charlotte
Dr. Michael Bitzer – Political Science Professor, Catawba College
Lisa Miller – Reporter, WFAE News

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  1. I think you need to stop referring to the bonds as plural
    when i voted early the other day all the bonds had been lumped together, so the bonds are all or nothing, if i wished to vote for the parks and rec bond but not for a any other bond, i would either have to vote to pass all the bonds or vote against and not one would care if i wanted to vote for parks and rec or not.

  2. Tim- I’m confused by your statement because when I voted last week, each of the bond packages were listed separately. You voted yes or no to each of the three listed bond packages. Actually, you can view a sample ballot for your specific district on the Char-Meck Board or Elections website:

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