Tuesday October 28 | Congressional Candidates

October 27, 2008 at 1:34 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

Our conversations with candidates continue today on Charlotte Talks. Today we’ll speak with the candidates for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District seat. Harry Taylor, Charlotte businessman and Democratic candidate will go first and then incumbent Sue Myrick will join us.
Harry Taylor – Democratic Congressional Candidate, NC 9th District
Rep. Sue Myrick – Republican Congressional Candidate, NC 9th Distict

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  1. Will Someone ask Sue Myrick about her bombastic move requesting Condi Rice to revoke former President Jimmy Carter’s passport for meeting with Hammas. Is she Nuts? Not only is he a former President but, hopefull not forgotten, also a Nobel Laureate whose prize dealt with Middle East peace. Maybe Sue would like to have the Tennessee DMV take back Al Gores drivers license if he misses an inspection. Oh Please!

  2. Harry Taylor stood up to Bush and his ignominious ways. Has Sue Myrick ever stood up against Bush?
    We need a strong leader like Mr. Taylor representing Charlotte and North Carolina. Sue needs to honor her own term limit pledge and step down…

  3. Did I hear Rep. Myrick say she pays her own insurance premiums? Does she not participate in the Congressional Cafeteria plan? Note below that “the federal government pays two-thirds of the premium and the Congressman pays the other one-third.” I she paying 100% of her own plan?

    “Members of Congress are eligible — like all other federal employees — to sign up for one of the “cafeteria” health insurance plans offered all other federal employees. If they sign up for one of these policies, the federal government pays two-thirds of the premium and the Congressman pays the other one-third. This is comparable to insurance offered by many private employers.” — Foxnews.com

  4. As an aside regarding Dave’s comment above; not only do Congressmen (and congressional staff) have a “cafeteria” health plan but they do not have to pay into Social security as they have their own pension system. The Congressional Pension system is far superior to SS and thus raises the big question; “why not for the rest of us”?

  5. I am often a critic of the show although I believe my criticism are made and received in good will. This show was excellent! I learned much about both candidates and Mike was fair and probing. Nice job.

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