Thursday October 23 | Stump the Chef

October 22, 2008 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

Back by popular demand, we invite your questions on cooking basics today on Charlotte Talks. Our own Chef-in-Radio, Peter Reinhart, is back with a panel of experts ready to answer your most basic questions about cooking, following recipes and creating new dishes. Try your best to stump the chef with problems you may have with particular recipes or dishes or see if they can help you recreate some of your favorite meals from area restaurants.
Chef Peter Reinhart – Chef-in-Residence, Johnson and Wales University
Chef Robin Stybe – Assoc. Professor, Johnson and Wales University
Chef Karl Stybe – Assoc. Professor, Johnson and Wales University

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  1. Chef,

    What kind of malt powder should I use to make Kaiser rolls calling for 1 Tbls. sugar, and where do I buy it?

  2. Good morning everyone.

    How do you make a good meringue? Specifically how long do you beat it and on what speed? Can you over beat it? What is the secret to getting good peaks and firmness? I make a great key lime pie but am having difficulty getting the meringue right.

    Thanks so much for your help!!

  3. I was trying to get the email addr. of Chef Reinhart ( but I was driving and missed his actual email. Can you email me with that? He was referring on the show about recipes he has created and could be available by em him directly.


  4. Peter Reinhart’s email address is:

    His blog is here:

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