Tuesday October 21 | Fact and Fiction in the Election

October 20, 2008 at 10:23 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

We dig for the truth behind the campaign rhetoric today on Charlotte Talks. Voters have so much information flying at them- most of it distorted- that it’s hard to know where to turn to learn the truth about candidates’ voting records, true stance on an issue or what they really said on the campaign trail. Our guest experts will help us wade through the cloud of a modern political campaign.
Brooks Jackson – Director, Factcheck.org
Andrew Raseij – Founder, TechPresident.org
Mindy Finn – Republican e-strategist and contributor, TechPresident.org
Greg Collard – News Director, WFAE

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  1. Could you please talk about the centrality of Facebook in today’s political universe? I’d also like to hear ways folks use FriendFeed, Twitter, Web 2.0, Social Business, and the other new and evolving social tools to facilitate political success.

    David Beckwith

    PS – Hat is off to Mr. Brooks Jackson for his years of service.

  2. ha, obama is a wealth redistributor says factcheck and someone in the studio bristles at it [probably collins] and the studio guy’s response? attack joe the plumber. Joe just asked a question, obama came to his neighborhood, Joe didn’t go to him to ambush him. It is outrageous that Joe has been attacked from so many sides. He’s a private US citizen and didn’t deserve that garbage. But that’s how democrats roll, dug into his private government records to destroy him. That is Stasi behavior. That is the KGB mindset. And Collins just laughed at it. Shameful.

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