Monday October 20 | Average “Joanns”

October 17, 2008 at 2:15 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Last month we hosted an all-male panel of Average Joes to talk about political and election-related topics. Now we’re doing it again, but with an all-female panel. We’ll talk about the biggest topic on everyone’s mind- the election!
Guests: Laura Thompson, Lauren Jones, Catherine Lowry and Jennifer Murphy

Average Joe and Joann panelists are WFAE listeners just like you! If you are interested in joining a future panel, email us with a little about yourself and your personal and political viewpoints to

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  1. Health care. My wife in in this induystry and they outlined both candidates at work (on their own). They are very concerned wiht the McCain plan because it does not cover the actual cost of an employer plan. Mike is correct – even the EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTION to a subsidized plan costs at least $5000 per year.

  2. Sarah Palin’s husband was a member of the Alaska separatist party as a young man. I heard a discussion of this by a reporter for a major Alaksn paper who said this is not a big deal in the state. He also said that politicians frequently address this group. The reporter was critical of Palin for other things, particularly for becoming so partisan in this election so he seemed pretty objective.

  3. “is Barack a terroist?”. What an idiotic question. Why not ask if he’s a socialist. It’s far more relevant. Could have brought up the spread the wealth comment. It is such an indefensible comment that Collins couldn’t possibly go near it.

    And it was nuts for him to ask for examples of leftis smears. Has he been out to huffington post lately?

    And anyone that thinks that McCain has changed should also cast a critical eye to the negative press. It has been a concerted effort by the press (including NPR) to bury him. It is clear.

    Moreover, when Collins crows about healthcare as a right, I’d like him to back up where in his constitution that right can be found that my neighbor must pay for my healthcare. Or name any right we have that government subsidizes (even partially).

    I’m sure mike would have a fit if his tax dollars bought me a handgun. That is just as absurd.

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