Monday October 13 | The Electoral College & Pat McCrory

October 10, 2008 at 12:59 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

In this two-part edition of Charlotte Talks we’ll talk with Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory about his run for North Carolina Governor. We’ll also take a look at the often controversial Electoral College and how exactly your vote counts.
Pat McCrory – Mayor of Charlotte and NC Gubernatorial Candidate
Dr. Eric Heberlig – Assoc. Professor of Political Science, UNC Charlotte

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  1. Thank you for addressing this subject. The case cannot be made that Gore won the election in 2000. He did not win Florida. Those that say Bush was “selected” should refocus their outrage to the electoral college. At least the debate would be honest. The problem is that without it New York and California would elect our President without regard to the opinion of the heartland.

    Go McCrory!

  2. On the issue of your vote counting I would offer that you’re either part of the process or you’re not.

  3. I agree that either you are part of the process or you are not. I will take that one step further. If you vote for the war, then, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself or your children. If you have children who are High school students, you should immediately send them to a pre-military training, have them bypass college, and start the killing that needs to be done. Also, we should suspend production of all private production, and ramp up military spending. Ooooh, oops, sorry, I did not mean that. What I meant was we as Ameriacans should invoke the name of God, and go free the Iraqies from their godless leader.

  4. It’s enough for me that our leaders keep us safe from the ideology of hate bent on killing innocent people by the thousands. Since 9/11, so far so good. Before 9/11, not so much.
    As for the “God” reference, maybe we would be better off with the “Black Liberation Theology” espoused by Obama’s spiritual mentor , Reverend Wright.

  5. The electoral college discussion deserved a full hour.

    For those who say that a national popular vote would have made the “Florida chaos” (which was probably exaggerated by the media and certain nefarious political operatives) in 2000 nationwide, it should be remembered that it is a lot less likely that the national popular vote would ever be that close. Gore won the national popular vote that year by about .5% (trusting Wiki for my numbers here). Bush won Florida by about .01%. To illustrate, if Bush had .5% more in Florida than Gore, he would have won that state by about 25000.

    I am for a national popular vote, but I believe the more serious problem is that a majority is not required to elect a president. Bush won with 47.87% in 2000. Clinton won with 43% in 1992!!! More than a popular vote, we need a runoff when one candidate does not get a majority of the vote. To those who say this would be “too expensive”, well, I can only reply “you get what you pay for”.

    I think the real problem is that, like the professor alluded to, too many people are more interested in whatever system they perceive as serving their political interests, and less so in good process (or perhaps too much reverence for the “founding fathers”). When this is the case, intellectual argument becomes little more than “might makes right” (that is, whoever has the most clever arguments, or at least clever enough to result in a stalemate {good enough to maintain the status quo}, wins).

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