Monday October 6 | Election 2008: Ballots, Polls and More!

October 3, 2008 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

A conversation about how ballots have and haven’t improved since the major problems in 2000, what we’ve learned (if anything) from polls leading up to the Election 2008 and the pros and cons of early voting.
Dr. Martha Kropf – Assoc. Prof. Political Science, UNC Charlotte
Dr. Ted Arrington – Professor of Political Science, UNC Charlotte

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  1. Are early and absentee votes counted the same as a vote cast on Election Day, or are they counted like provisional votes?

  2. love that collins partisanship yet again. “what party is that Ohio official not listening on these butterfly ballots?” “democrats”. “oh, nevermind. Nothing untoward there.”

    And mike got a bucket of cold water when informed about democrats designing the fl butterfly. He called katherine Harris a partisan. He has never called a liberal partisan. Not once! Is it the buddy system? One leftist never calls out anywhere?

    He was also nonchalant about democats changing nc straight ticket voting law in response to Reagan’s win. He’d make hay if republicans pulled that blatant voter manipulation.

    He was also on the wrong side of federalism as clearly laid out in the constitution. I’m glad he got a constitutional lesson. It was long overdue.

  3. GQ, please get over yourself. I heard this show and Mike’s asking about the Ohio official’s party affiliation in no way shows any kind of bias. You’re demonstrating your lack of education.

  4. There you go insultin’ again.

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