Thursday October 2 | Gas Shortages in Our Region

October 1, 2008 at 9:11 am | Posted in Coming Up | 12 Comments

Residents of our area and those in Western North Carolina have experienced extreme and wide-ranging shortages of gas. We’ll look at the gas distribution system, its fragility and why some gas stations are supplied sooner than others.
Bill Weatherspoon – Exec. Director, NC Petroleum Council
Tom Crosby – Vice President, AAA of the Carolinas

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  1. On a driving trip to DC last weekend, there was no gas available until we crossed into VA on I77. In VA & DC, gas was abundant & cheap. Since they get their gas from the same pipeline, why do they have gas and we don’t?

  2. Tom from AAA can go to he11. The shortage is not caused by people topping off. Not after three+ weeks. You discredit your show with such foolishness.

  3. I’d like to point out that drilling off of the NC coast would have done nothing to alleviate the current gas crisis in Charlotte. This is because it does not matter “where the geology is”, but rather where the ports and refineries are. Coastal NC did not have the same problems with gas shortages as Charlotte did because they were closer to ports.

    I’d also like to point out that drilling off the NC coast will do nothing to help gas prices. We live in a global market. Even with drilling in ANWAR and off the NC coast we will still get a majority of our gas from other countries. In fact, depending on prices, we could end up sending gas from NC gas fields to other countries as we do with coal from West Virginia currently.

  4. Sir,

    Thank you for editing my comment when reading on air. Emotion got the best of me.

    For the record, I drove back from Norfolk three days ago. I stopped every ~45 min to (coffee refill and …). Fuel was not a problem until I got to Greenville.

    After three weeks everyone is low on fuel. Topping off is no longer the issue. Initally, yes that is very likely. No arguement. Three weeks later, I disagree very strongly.

    Just curious… How did Tom from AAA get to your show today? I bet he used gasoline. How often does he fill his vehicle?

  5. The shortage in Charlotte seems beyond the what circumstances called for,but I could not figure out who would benefit from this shortage. After the statements of your guests i can come up with 2 scenerios 1.The oil companies would like the service stations to have contracts instead of buyin ‘on point’. 2. What a plug one of your guests made for off-shore drilling! Is this another manipulation of the public to convince the public that we need to “Drill baby drill” As if all those commercials the oil comapanies are putting out aren’t enough!

  6. I bash the Media on a regular basis. This is not Media-driven. For once, the Media reported “news.” It might seem strange to hear news vice titillation, but the fuel issues were news.

  7. The problem in Charlotte is a good example that local government should invest in public transportation, which will alleviate our dependence on gas. In a way, we have seen that Charlotte is taking steps into that direction

  8. Soon or later, price of gas will be unbearable…and it is very cheap in the US; we are very lucky…In Western Europe, the price is three times what people pay here in the US. Shouldn’t we invest in public transportation? I am surprised that none of the presidential candidates mentioned public transportation in their speeches!

    Charlotte has taken good steps in public transportation with the light rail, which will help to alleviate our dependence on gas. There is more to do!

  9. Bill Weatherspoon seems to have only agreed to be a guest on the show to help promote offshore oil drilling. Come on! This is a distribution problem, not a drilling problem.

  10. I recall a huge spike in gas prices after Katrina but no lack of availability after the first week or so. Could the problem this time be that those gas stations buying on the spot market failed to top their underground storage tanks? Prices were headed downward prior to the recent hurricanes, so they may have been waiting to stock up at lower prices.

  11. Bill and Tom never answered the questions – at all. What rubbish.

  12. How unfortunate that the guests on this show were unwilling to answer questions or have any sort of discussion. To say and then maintain that the gas shortage is the fault of local residents is laughable and insulting. Hopefully AAA will send someone else to be a guest on the show when the need once again arises.
    What about the gas stations that are gouging?
    What about the gas stations that have been caught fixing pumps to charge for more gas than was actually delivered?
    What about the short-sitedness of city leaders who did not follow CMS’s lead and have employees work from home to conserve?
    Clearly, Atlanta and Charlotte show there is a serious weakness in the delivery system. Why would neither guest just admit it?

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