Wednesday October 1 | The Wall Street Effect & Personal Finance

September 30, 2008 at 8:01 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

A conversation today about how Wall Street’s woes affect your pocketbook and portfolio. Two personal financial managers join us to talk about how the Wall Street situation, the bailout, and the economic fallout are affecting individuals and their money.
Larry Carroll – President, Carroll Financial Associates
Bill Staton – President, Staton Financial Advisors

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  1. Buffett has always said, “I know it is going to go up, I just don’t know when.”

    Having said that, what do the speakers think about 1) freezing foreclosures, 2) resetting ARM mortgages at their original rate for 3) some specified period of time, say March 31, 2009? After all, if we are going to bail out Wall Street for illiquid assets, why don’t we stop the assets from becoming illiquid in the first place?

  2. Bernanke – what do the guests think of his performance? He has lost the confidence of the legislative, executive and financial communities, who would you recommend as a replacement?

    Is there a Volker type Fed Chairman that they would recommend?

  3. As the speakers will attest, technology is the driver of growth. What do they think of green companies as technology drivers? FSLR ran up significantly over the past two years before retrenching lately. Do you believe green technology will gain traction in the future? (HINT: I believe it will take on a trajectory much like computer technology has over the past 20 years. Efficiency will improve exponentially – because of technology – while the price will fall by 75 to 80% over the next ten years.)

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