Monday September 15 | U.S. Census and NC Poverty

September 11, 2008 at 11:51 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

According to a recent U.S. Census Bureau report, North Carolina families are essentially no better off now than they were in the year 2000. We’ll look at current levels of employment, wage compensation, poverty, access to health care in our region and more.
John Quintero – Research Associate, NC Budget and Tax Center
Louisa Warren – Policy Advocate, NC Justice Center
Adam Linker – Health Policy Analyst, NC Health Access Coalition

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  1. I’ve heard some good socialism out of this program before but this may be the crown jewel. This program was engineered from the top down to make political hay at the height of the political season [much like Charlotte Talks’ 2004 show with that nutcase that thought Bush was deranged based on speeches he had given that he did not write]. It’s the height of irresponsibility and this whole operation should be ashamed. For anyone that thinks WFAE plays it down the middle should listen to this farce of a show, or better yet, WFAE should hire on an ombudsman to critique it. Basically this was a show that makes a play for universal healthcare, class warfare, and income redistribution. Seriously, how many times must socialism be exposed for the misery it causes before we stop taking people like this seriously? Social Security is broken, Medicaid/Medicare/SCHIP is broken [and will be a 2x problem in just 5 yrs when the baby boomers come collecting… ask the GAO and the CBO]… we shouldn’t even be considering more government programs until these are addressed first. But they’ll never be solvent because socialism just doesn’t work. It fails every single time it’s tried. If this show played it down the middle we’d be hearing from Adam Smith/Milton Friedman economists. Or hear a story about East and West Berlin to find out which economic system makes the common man more miserable.

    If you want economic growth you don’t redistribute wealth or impose new mandates on businesses [like this whole panel wanted and Mike failed to challenge on], but rather you make it easier for business to flourish. If we did what these guys wanted, businesses would look more favorably on SC and just go there. It isn’t rocket science. Everyone avoids taxes. Even leftist Google is looking to anchor barges in international waters to avoid taxes!

    And lastly, this show should deal head on with who really pays taxes in this country. The caller touched on it, but this is the real data from the IRS on the breakdown:

    The bottom 50% of wage earners paid just 3.3% of the federal income burden. The top 1% of wage earners paid 37% of the federal income budget. That is unconscious-able and irresponsible for WFAE to hide this fact from people. The rich quite clearly ‘pay more than their share’ and there is just not enough tax relief to give the middle class anymore because they don’t pay taxes! That garbage about payroll taxes being burdensome does not wash either, socialism placed that burden on society, not free markets.

    If you want to raise quality of life, give the people freedom, not regulation and taxes. But don’t take my word for it, take George McGovern’s [that darling of the left] when he finally entered the free market and saw the undue and expensive burden that government places on people:

    McGovern states `I do know that if I were back in the U.S. Senate or in the White House, I would ask a lot of questions before I voted for any more burdens on the thousands of struggling businesses across the Nation.’

    Or you can take Abraham Lincoln’s quote that you cannot empower the weak by weakening the strong. That was precisely what this show set out to make the case for. It was quite a shameful display.

  2. GQ, would you please define “socialism?” Speaking of free markets (which don’t really exist in this country), what about the government bailout of the big banks lately? That’s nothing close to a free market is it now? It sounds like socialism to me.

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