Wednesday September 10 | Writing Letters to Your Younger Self

September 9, 2008 at 10:40 am | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

On this edition of Charlotte Talks, we take time to think about what pieces of wisdom we wish we could provide to our younger selves. Ellyn Spragins, editor of “If I Knew Then: Women in their 20’s and 30’s Write Letters to Their Younger Selves” and of “What I Know Now: Letters To My Younger Self” will join us. She’s compiled letters of well-known women who write to their younger selves about self-love, confidence and encouragement into two books. Find out what Maureen O’Boyle from WBTV, Sheri Lynch of radio’s Bob and Sheri Show and Molly Barker from Girls on the Run tell their younger selves and find why Spragins and others encouraged everyone, men and women, young and old, to write letters of their own.
Ellyn Spragins – Editor, If I’d Known Then: Women in Their 20s and 30s Write Letters to Their Younger Selves (What I Know Now) and What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self

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  1. Eighteen years ago in 1992 NYC I was attacked in a hate crime for being a suspected lesbian. I quit graduate school and began traveling as far and as often as I could manage. I read endlessly on human sexuality and relationships. I’ll never know if I was born bisexual or if rape and brutality mostly turned me off men. If I could write to Julie as she was dazed and beginning recovery I would tell her that what she lost (a clear conventional path and an optimistic inclination) facilitates a deeper understanding and a more real opportunity to serve and love others. The precious thing you gained, Julie, is empathy, and you had been so sheltered and so lucky, that it would have never come to you without severe suffering and trauma. Looking back, I cannot see how you could have come from there to here on a smooth straight path. Do not be ashamed of either your advantages or disabilities. Be proud of your authenticity and your quest for self knowledge. That is as much as I know to the moment, that you lived to be 36 and you found several genuine people who loved you unconditionally. Maybe 56 year old Julia should write to me from 2020, so I can have the courage (hope for a better future) to keep seeking and campaigning. Our present day seems so dark.

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