Tuesday September 9 | Ordinary Justice vs. Social Justice

September 8, 2008 at 9:24 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

We examine what some political scientists think may be the origin of the split between conservative and liberal ideology– the conflict between ordinary justice and social justice. Ordinary, or natural justice is often seen as the rights of the individual whereas social justice is often defined as justice for the community over the individual. The former form of justice has slowly come to be seen as a conservative value while social justice is sometimes characterized as liberal ideology. Many fascinating examples of this conflict are seen daily in the news and these concepts will take a central role in the upcoming election. We examine the nature of justice on Charlotte Talks.
David Swindell – Director, Public Policy Program at UNC Charlotte
Scott Broyles – Assistant Professor, Charlotte School of Law
Robert Christensen – Assistant Professor, Political Science Dept. at UNC Charlotte

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  1. With the advent of corporate ‘personhood’ we have seen the continual erosion of the rights of individuals because of the impact of the wealth of corporations on our government. How do you think the framers would view the effect of this granting of ‘personhood’.

  2. It IS interesting how we connect the religious right with the republican party, but it is indeed biblically correct to link Jews and early Christians to COMMUNAL salvation as opposed to PERSONAL salvation which dominates today’s churches. To use a term that Mike uses, the values of this Christian-based party have “flip-flopped”.

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