Tuesday August 26 | Countdown to College

August 25, 2008 at 9:38 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

College admissions season is upon us and we’ll talk about high school students’ college visits and making the college choice. We’ll meet one student who spent her summer visiting potential colleges and we’ll find out how that helped shape her decisions about where to apply. Then we’ll talk about the sometimes difficult process of saying goodbye to the college freshman who is off on their own for the first time. We’ll hear first hand accounts from both parents and students, including a new college freshman and her mom who will talk about what they’re going through right now.
Lee Bierer – Countdown to College Columnist, The Charlotte Observer
David Mabe – Admissions Office at Davidson College

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  1. Great topic Mike…

    I appreciate the timing of the topic also. As Stephen Covey reminds us…those interested in acheiving their goals must “Begin with the end in Mind.”

    What online and offline community resources would you recommend for high school students looking to use online resources and local resources to gather relevant information for making their college selections?

    I am a member of the local Charlotte Chapter of the Morehouse Alumni Association. Morehouse College is located in Atlanta (www.morehouse.edu). Our chapter is focused on assisting young students complete their selection process. Since Morehouse is a small private liberal arts institution, we are all too aware of the need to engage young men earlier in the decisionmaking process. We are always looking to play a greater role in assisting students interested in pursuing higher education and we would love to post links and additional resources to our site.

    Again, thanks for the topic and your help. I look forward to hearing your answers!

    Owen “In Search of a Few Good Morehouse Men” Lawson
    Recruiting Zealot

  2. Hey, I left off a link to our website.


    For any young men or parents in the Charlotte area interested in a world class Liberal Arts education, feel free to contact our chapter.

    Ok, now I’m done. Have a great day.

  3. Ok, well there is one more comment here.

    For students heading to college, you should consider contacting your local chapter of the Alumni Association. For example, every year our Charlotte chapter hosts a back to school picnic where we have a sendoff for our returning students. It is a celebration of tradition and yet it is also an opportunity for students to meet their peers from the area. This has proven to be extremely valuable for our students.

    Check with the Alumni Chapter for your institution to determine what types of activities you may have?

    The Recruiting Zealot

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