Wednesday August 20 | Education, Poverty and CMS

August 19, 2008 at 11:51 am | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

Members of Charlotte’s Swann Fellowship for Education join us on this edition of Charlotte Talks for a look at Education, Poverty and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. We’ll talk about steps that the Swann Fellowship thinks the school system should take to help at-risk students and help them succeed, and we’ll get a reaction on that from a CMS School Board Member and some insight from a family court judge.
Rev. Tom Tate – CMS School Board Member
Deacon Jones – Chairman of the Board of the Swann Fellowship
Mickey Aberman – member of the Swann Fellowship
Judge Regan Miller – Mecklenburg County Family Court

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  1. charmeck is of finite resources and you have chosen to spend yours on light rails, arenas, halls of fame, culture centers, etc [helped along by WFAE’s cheerleading of each these projects]. It is amazing that somehow Mike forgets about these massive expenditures [that he has advocated] when it comes time to shake the taxpayer down for roads, schools and police when these should have been the fundamental responsibility of government. As I’ve written, charmeck has chosen its priorities, they should live with those choices.

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