Monday, August 18 | The New Auto Industry

August 11, 2008 at 9:29 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

With oil prices still high and the debate to increase domestic oil production raging, large scale fuel and transportation alternatives are becoming vitally important. A Mooresville company is at the front of the alternative fuels wave. They are developing electric cars and motorcycles and they launched the first electric taxi cabs in New York City. Their Chief Engineer joins us. Natural gas is also being touted as a large scale, domestically produced alternative to power our cars. We’ll look at alternative power today on Charlotte Talks.
Ron Cerven – Project Development Engineer, Hybrid Technologies
Jason Wager – Director, Clean Fuels Coalition
Mark Riley – Regional Manager Eastern US, Clean Energy Corp.

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  1. Good morning –

    General Motors EV1 was a great vehicle. Chevy S-10 EV created a truck as well using the same technology.

    In terms of the car itself the GM EV1 was a complete success –
    So would you Mr. Cerven as to his opinion related to reasons Chevy and GM killed that model
    and how those reasons may related to his company sucess?

  2. What about these devices advertised to electrolyze water just using a car’s alternator and then injecting the hydrogen and oxygen into a conventional car to boost gas mileage by 25%?

    And what was the name of the website for your guest again?

  3. Forrest, links have been posted. Thanks for listening!

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