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August 8, 2008 at 1:30 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

It’s a session of Open Phones on the next Charlotte Talks. It’s your turn to call in, email or blog about the topics and issues that are most important to you. We want to hear your thoughts about whatever is on your mind this week, whether it’s the upcoming Presidential Election and the political conventions in a few weeks, or the Olympics and the controversies in China leading up to the Games, the start of the new school year, new police chief Rodney Monroe’s changes at CMPD, or whatever you’d like to discuss. Join Mike Collins for an hour conversation programmed by YOU on Charlotte Talks.
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  1. This is in response to Frank. The notion that people should be focusing more on members of Congress than the President in the upcoming election is totally absurd. The difference between us getting out of Iraq or not lies with the President. If McCain wins, he would veto any resolution to withdraw from Iraq and thus, the country would be in EXACTLY the same situation we are now. There’s no way a resolution would get 2/3 support in Congress. However, if Obama wins, a majority vote would bring our troops home.

    There’s so much wrong with this country, and few people care enough to educate themselves about the issues that are vital to the long term sustenance of our country. As long as it doesn’t directly affect them or their family, they don’t care. Who cares about the insolvency of SS or Medicare years down the road when there is the latest celebrity scandal? What are Britney and Paris up to these days?

    The world is Bush’s toilet, and he’s been eating bad Mexican food for 8 years straight. If you’re undecided, PLEASE consider voting for Obama so that it’s not four more years of the same old song and dance.

  2. In my opinion, despite what he might say, Obama won’t pull out of Iraq if he is responsible for the outcome. Further, I honestly believe that had he been elected Gore would have gone into Iraq. Lieberman would’ve been veep. I don’t see how any President could’ve left Sadaam in place in a post 9/11 world. Regime change was the U.S. policy since 1998. Too big a threat to be responsible for.

  3. Open lines and average joes shows really show WFAE’s liberal bias. And that’s fine. I spend all my time in echo chambers on both the left and right, get both sides and am able to make an informed opinion. What’s hypocritical of WFAE is that they are not upfront about their bias. Neither is Fox, neither is MSNBC, or the New York Times. Instead they all wear the mantle of ‘perceived bias’. It insults the intelligence when Mike claims this defense and when Bill O’Reilly or Keith Olbermann does the same. What’s even worse that I suspect that NPR has to fly this kite precisely because they receive government funding. It’s a tightrope and I can only imagine how they must package their content to fit their agenda but make it as subtle as possible to appear on the level. It clearly is not.

    Specifically regarding this broadcast is Mike’s defense of the John Edwards scandal as a matter of what lies that we ought not care about. Of course, the half picture he gave of this is the omission of details about dubious payouts, hush money, and possible extortion of Hunter and Edwards to keep this quiet. If I were an Edwards contributor, I would be furious that my money may have went to this. Not a word from Collins on this on following the money… moreover, Edwards had no problems benefiting politically from his marriage to dying Elizabeth, in fact it was specifically orchestrated for maximum exposure. a ‘political ten strike’ Wolf Blitzer called Edwards’ press conference to say he was staying in the race despite Elizabeth’s cancer for the good of the country. If Edwards is going to live by this sword, he oughtn’t complain when it chops his head off. That goes for Collins as well. We all know that marriages for political figures are business arrangements and it is not just a matter of the heart any longer. Whether that matters to any given voter is up to that voter… Mike should keep his opinion that it shouldn’t matter to himself. The great thing about freedom in voting is that we are free to select the criteria we judge our candidates by for ourselves. If a voter choses to vote for or against Obama strictly on race is up to that person and should be respected and even cherished. That is democracy.

  4. Mike has called the idea of liberal bias “poppycock”. That can only mean that he gets his news from limited sources. The “dubious payouts, hush money, and possible extortion of Hunter and Edwards to keep this quiet” have not been widely discussed on the major media outlets. He may not even know. The entire scandal was old news by the time the MSM finally reported it. Contrast that with McCain’s non-scandal which was front page news immediately, evidence be damned.

    I think WFAE would say that the public funding is too small to matter. I disagree. To be fair “Charlotte Talks” is entertainment. They do sincerely want to be balanced and seek out Conservative views. They simply don’t understand what balance is. “All Things Considered” is quite another matter. The name is a farce.

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