Thursday August 7, 2008 | New Chief of Police for CMPD

August 4, 2008 at 1:36 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

Crime has been front and center in our news media lately and the perception is that it’s on the rise in our region. Recently named Chief of Police, Rodney Monroe, has said that he wants to put more officers on the street and in touch with the citizens of Charlotte. We’ll learn more about Chief Monroe’s plan to combat crime in our city.
Chief Rodney Monroe
– Chief of Police for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
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  1. I was very disappointed in Chief Monroe’s comments on today’s program. He seems unenlightened about issues facing black youth, especially black young men, who seem to be directly responsible for violent offenses against themselves and members of the greater community, as well as for the rise in property crimes.

    What is even more disconcerting about Monroe is that he has failed to address the systemic reasons for black delinquency. Some of these factors that explain the underlying reasons for rises in crime are that many groups live in communities with poor systems of education, no access to higher arts, little access to economic opportunity and financial empowerment, own little or no property and have less capital to invest in independent business ownership. Not to mention the deterioration of the black family, and the irresponsible way in which they over-populate cities, yet they have no resources to take care of themselves.

    Why has Monroe not mentioned the failure of families within black communities and rising birth rates among unwed blacks, who do not have the mental or financial resources to raise children. These children later grow up into lives of crime and delinquency. Why isn’t Charlotte and our national policy-makers, holding these unwed men and women responsible for over-population and high crime rates? Why don’t we have laws against over-population; people who cannot give children a solid foundation and stable home life should not be allowed to give birth to babies who later end up on the streets, committing crimes and terrorizing law-abiding people.

    Let’s wake up and start talking about the real issues. Maybe if we stopped trying to police and fix some of the systemic issues facing certain communities, we get to the core of the problems, and make a positive impact for blacks, and the problem of black over-population (i.e. irresponsible procreation).

    Policing does not address core problems. It’s like trying to corral an infestation of rats without attacking the rat den.

  2. One reason that your very good points are not part of the discourse is the fear of being perceived as racist.

  3. Well maybe blacks who are concerned about stabilizing their communities should start raising these issues, so accusations of racism do not confuse the real problem, social responsibility. The punitive system of government control can only quell the problem for so long.

    I do not care what race you are, if you cannot raise a child, and give it a proper upbringing, moral, spiritual, mental cultivation, don’t have children.

  4. Again, you’re correct. Bill Cosby has tried but he could use some help. Obama has the bully pulpit but has been silent so far.

  5. Police Chief Rodney Monroe cannot address the issues that face the black community because he himself is still playing the race card. It is obvious to most why VCU GAVE him a degree, and it should be obvious to most why he was selected as Charlotte’s Chief of Police. The other two finalists had equal experience, Master Degrees, but they are white.

    Monroe stands for everything the African American community has tried to dis-associate itself from. Get sumpin for nuffin. Do not look for Monroe to be an example, he will take what he wants and then leave.

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