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August 4, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 1 Comment

Two of our better known media personalities also moonlight as writers, and the work of both may surprise you. News14 morning anchor Rob Boisvert has written a book of romantic short stories and longtime Observer columnist Dannye Romine Powell has written an edgy and personal book of poetry. We talk to them both and hear some of their work.
Rob Boisvert
– Morning Anchor at News14 and author of Long Dead Lover

Dannye Romine Powell – Columnist at The Charlotte Observer and author or A Necklace of Bees
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  1. Dear Mike,
    I generally enjoy your program and listen to it during the summer (when I am out of school). You and your guest yesterday were discussing a book he had written and how he could not read portions of it on the air because of the language. I believe that you said that the words were not “bad” but could not be spoken on air. I am more than a bit mystified as to how a word that is not “bad” could not be aired. Would you be able to cite an example or direct me to a URL where I might be able to read an excerpt with the questionable word(s).
    FYI, although I spent 30 years in the Army, I am totally opposed to “bad” language and do not allow it in my classroom. I look forward to your response. Have a blessed day. Cheers, Russ.

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