Friday August 1, 2008 | Memory Loss

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Today, we’ll talk about memory. Why do we forget what we ate for dinner last night but can remember an event from 20 years ago? Why do some people begin to forget events and items and some people remember every detail perfectly? If we can’t remember things, at what point should we begin to worry about Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia? Join us for a conversation about memory and memory loss.
Since this is an encore presentation, we won’t be able to take your comments.
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Thursday July 31, 2008 | Nature Deficit Disorder

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Join guest host Chris Clackum for a discussion about Nature Deficit Disorder. This is what happens to young people when they become disconnected from their natural world. This lack of exposure to nature contributes to disturbing childhood trends including depression, attention disorders and a rise in obesity. Between the “electronics” generation’s attachment to ipods, computers and video games and their parents’ paranoia about letting their kids play outside alone or venture too far from the house is creating kids who are becoming increasingly removed and out-of-touch with the natural environment.
Josh Thomas – Topics Education
Meg Houlihan – PhD., Child & Family Psychologist
Jen Taylor – Mountain Sprouts Apparel
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