Thursday July 17, 2008 | Large Scale Charities

July 16, 2008 at 3:40 pm | Posted in On Air | 5 Comments

In the face of recent press about executive salaries at United Way, we’ll look at how large scale charities work.  How much of your charitable dollars actually go to charity and how much goes to running the organization to which you’ve donated?  We’re joined by a man who watches faith based organizations to provide donors with information on how the money is used and by a consultant who works with non-profit groups.
Rusty Leonard
– Director,
The Wall Watchers
John Hewett – President, Hewett Consulting
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  1. I encourage donors of time or treasure or talent to think of their donation as an investment.

    Ask directly What happens to my investment? Consider what type of return is important to you: short vs. long-term; the % going to administration and/or fundraising vs. the programs; the amount staying local vs. dispersed funding; or any other measure that matters to you as an investor.

    I serve as a volunteer and Board member for a charity (Historic Charlotte) and we ask and answer those questions regularly, to ensure that we stay on track.

  2. The corporate mindset of charities and non-profits is precisely why I don’t give to them. There is ONE local non-profit to which I give because I know basically what everyone there makes, including the executive director.

    Boards are a huge problem. Here in Catawba County, all the boards are populated by the same bankers, lawyers, and doctors, most of whom have know real connection with the organizations they oversee. It’s a “good old boy” network plain and simple. Ordinary people (people who make less than $100,000 per year) are not permitted to sit on these boards even when these ordinary people have expertise in the mission of the organization.

    Faith-based “charities” are a fleecing of the stupid! Their secrecy, tax exempt status, and obscene use of television are red flags. Sadly, our society will always be full of people stupid enough not to see reality.

    Finally, I simply don’t buy the concept of “talent” in a CEO. It’s simple arithmetic, and anyone with a high school eduction can do it.

  3. CORRECTION: My last sentence should read “…anyone with a high school education *should* be able to do it.”

  4. SECOND CORRECTION: In the second sentence of the second paragraph of my first post, “know” should of course be “no.”

  5. i make less than 50k per year and my company has a large drive every year to donate to the unitedway. it’s a full born endorsement to donate. all of these donations do not come full any skill sets that this person brings to this chairity. i have donated in the past but i see that over the 8 years working and donating to this chairity has my money only going to support her cause. i will never give any more of my money to this chairity, insted i will give elseware.

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