Wednesday July 16, 2008 | Average Joes

July 15, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Posted in On Air | 3 Comments

It’s the July installment of our Average Joes Panel. We’re joined by two men and two women; two are independents, one a Republican and the other a Democrat who doesn’t like the “liberal” label; they’re an assistant superintendent, a history teacher, an IT student and the manager of a Christian publication. Join these four Charlotte Talks listeners to discuss the topics they care about, like education, the election, the environment, living in Charlotte and more!
Melanie Cogdill
Maggie Coleman
Rob DePaola
Ron Wright
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  1. The Democrats hold a radical view of abortion (no partial birth ban, no parental consent, public funding)

  2. Regarding the reference to the Christian Research Institute (I hope I get the name correct), two things about religion:

    1) Religion an politics cannot be separated.
    2) Religion, particularly adherence to ANY religious dogma, and critical thinking are mutually exclusive.

    The person making the original remark demonstrated these two points very skillfully.

  3. How is it that there are many Chicagoans living here but I can’t meet any?

    To Rob, I was an average Joe panelist back in February, and also have an extensive musical background. I lived in the Chicago area until 2001 before I moved here. I also agree with your initial view that politics shouldn’t be just left/right.

    Matt Grunow

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