Tuesday July 15, 2008 | Customer Service

July 14, 2008 at 9:09 am | Posted in On Air | 4 Comments

With the outsourcing of call centers, downsizing, and taking ‘real people’ out of the world of customer service with new technology, the customer service industry has had to navigate a lot of bumps in the road and major change. We’ll talk about some of the ways customer service professionals are trying to give good service to their customers and how people in different areas of expertise deliver customer service.
Ed Gagnon – President, Customer Service Solutions in Charlotte, and columnist for the Charlotte Business Journal
Brian Cox – eGovernment / Customer Service Director for Mecklenburg County
Dwayne Campbell – Customer Relationship Manager for Mecklenburg County IT Services (internal customer service)
Kimberly Laney – Interim Director of CharMeck 311 Call Center
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  1. Good morning-

    Could you ask to your entire panel if they have heard of the Institute of Customer Services (ICS) located in the UK and if they know of any institute that specialized in preparing and certifying individuals as professional’s customer service in the USA? For example we have a well known PMI Project Management Institute which concentrates in certifying individuals as Project or Program Managers.

    If not, could it be possible that the whole issue is that our entire industry consider Customer Service as not important therefore the individuals hired to do the job are not well prepare to say the least?

  2. Customer service is the direct responsibility of management. Good customer service requires training and encouragement. Poor customer service is the result of delinquent or absent management. Today’s employee – especially younger employees- are treated as chattal in today’s market place. They expect to be treated as individuals and are willing to contribute, but are routinely ignored and given no acknowlegement as persons.

  3. Mike –

    There is a website called “Gethuman.org” that has a database of companies and how to get through their phone trees to a real human. This Spring I heard Fast Company’s CEO speak about it and I have since looked it up online http://gethuman.org. He said that the amazing thing was that when people found out how to get around the phone tree nightmare, several companies changed what it would take to talk to a human! He also said, “Companies say they want to serve their customers in the best way possible – here’s an idea – Pick Up The Phone!”

    It is a sad comment on businesses that the phone trees are so complex as to not serve the customers, but even more backward is changing the phone tree when people actually find a way around it to talk to other people about their problems and needs.


  4. Sorry – that website was http://gethuman.com. Sorry for the confusion.

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