Monday July 7, 2008 | The Physics of NASCAR

July 7, 2008 at 8:09 am | Posted in On Air | 3 Comments

Diandra Leslie-Pelecky is a physicist and author of the recent book, The Physics of NASCAR: How to Make Steel + Gas + Rubber = Speed She joins us on Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins to talk about how she became fascinated with NASCAR through her professional expertise and we’ll talk about some of the physics involved in stock car racing – two things you might not think go together!


Dr. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, physicist from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; author, The Physics of NASCAR: How to Make Steel + Gas + Rubber = Speed
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  1. July 7, “The Physics of NASCAR” by Dr. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky Interview

    I comment as a non-partisan and someone who will likely find it unconscionable to vote for either major candidate in the upcoming presidential election. I believe that most every citizen wants the very best for the USA. Different people with different needs and priorities have different starting points, i.e., ideologies.

    A most ironic thing happened in “The Physics of NASCAR” interview with Mike Collins. Dr. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, author, mentioned that many people just follow along the mainstream of ideas without ever critically examining them. Collins agreed with something like, “Yes, people who listen to Rush Limbaugh.”

    This angered me for a second but then I had to laugh. Collins had just then uncritically reiterated the mantra of many people who do not like Limbaugh—that he has a legion of followers who cannot or do not think for themselves.

    I listen to Limbaugh if I am in a car and he is on air. Why? Do I listen so that I will know what to think? No, I listen for information that I will not likely get on major media including public radio. For example, Obama said not too long ago that Iran was a small country posing no threat to the US. Then a few days later he referred to Iran as a grave or severe threat. Limbaugh played the tapes. Now obviously, I go to Limbaugh to get the dirt on Democrats. All I have to do to get the dirt on the GOP is go to a major network. I don’t agree with everything Limbaugh says so at least one person is not a blind robot worshipper at the feet of Limbaugh and I critically doubt I am the only one.

    A critical thinker is not likely to make such a broad and sweeping generalization as Collins made. I critically doubt that there are scientific studies out there counting the Limbaugh robots. If there are, I will want to study the studies as to their source and their line of leading (or not) questions.

    This all reminds me of some friends I have who teach their children to be open-minded, all the while teaching their children that conservatives (I am not one.) are narrow-minded and have ideas that should be dismissed in any discussion.

    I enjoy the show and appreciate that Collins makes no bones about his ideology.

  2. Clarence,

    Great points, you’re all over it! I’m glad your initial anger was replaced by laughter, it’s the only logical response. Mike doesn’t realize the extent to which he insults those who listen to Rush. He accepts blindly and with certainty the premise that Rush listeners are mind-numbed robots. Imagine, over 20 million listeners a week can’t think for themselves! Just think, it’s possible to earn $400,000,000 without basing your arguments on sound principals if you simply brainwash idiots! Of course that’s folly, but you have to be careful. If you confess that you listen to Rush you will be immediately dismissed by those who don’t listen and by default don’t know what their talking about. They’ve formed their opinions of Rush by following “along the mainstream of ideas without ever critically examining them”. Ironic isn’t it?

  3. decent article

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