Wednesday July 2, 2008 | Native Plants

July 1, 2008 at 3:43 pm | Posted in On Air | 4 Comments

North Carolina is an extremely diverse region with many native plants.  But explosive development and growth brings with it a great deal of landscaping, often with exotic and non-native plants.  Experts say we need to make a move back to more native plant species in our own yards.  We’ll meet some of those experts.
Carol Buie-Jackson – Habitat Steward with the NC Wildlife Federation
Dr. Doug Tallamy – Author, Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens
Ernie McLaney –  CPCC Center for Sustainability
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  1. A Macrobiotic diet (the art of long life) will emphasize the importance of eating locally grown foods, so I would suspect that aboriginal local foods are better still than transplant foods grown locally. The same probably holds true for water.

    To a point brought up by your guest, ethnobotanist Richard Schultes once said “Monoculture breeds disease”.
    The melting pot is a good thing.
    And yet, I suppose, there are limits to that as well…as in the case of that angelic pest, Mimosa?

    Where is the line of demarcation?


  2. Should I feel guilty about filling up the inside of my home with non-natives?

  3. My yard is full of bamboo. It can’t possibly be native. I can’t kill it to save my life. Any suggestions on getting rid of it?

  4. Brian, brute force seems the only way to get rid of bamboo, but please do while the neighbors are still speaking. A friend of mine once had a bamboo ripping party and we all had a blast, so that’s one option. More realistically, there’s a program called Urban Cost Share that will advise you and/or help you pay to get the pros to rip that stuff out. Check with the Mecklenburg Soil and Water Conservation dept – 311. Good luck with that bamboo!

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