Friday June 27, 2008 | Infrastructure

June 26, 2008 at 4:21 pm | Posted in On Air | 1 Comment

Today, a look at the health of our region’s infrastructure.  A recent spike in water main leaks has raised awareness of the size and scope of our water, gas, electric and road systems and their current state of repair.  We’ll look at the challenge of maintaining our infrastructure.
Jim Shumacher
– Assistant Charlotte City Manager
Barry Gullet – Deputy Director, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (CMUD)
Dan Pleasant – Interim Director, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Department of Transportation (CDOT)
Tom Williams – Media Relations, Duke Energy
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  1. perhaps mike could suggest that government take a pause from things it is not good at [such as light rail, arenas, cultural centers, halls of fame, etc] to concentrate on what government is intended to do, such as infrastructure, police/fire, education, etc. When government over extends itself into things it has no business being in, it lapses on those things it halfway does right, the basics.

    And by the way, the minneapolis bridge collapse was not due to neglect of maintenance, but rather a design flaw at inception. It’s disingenuous to lump that tragedy into the discussion. And also to bemoan coming infrastructure calamity when Mike denounces that kind of alarmism that drives the nightly news. Minnosota has been awash in tax revenues for years… as has NC. There is no political glam in filling pot holes… but pet projects, which this program appears to support in the effort to become ‘world class’, do have glam. This gives rise to problems like the highway fund [funded by gas taxes] raided from its intended function into pet projects. Charlotte Talks should shine the light on this problem. It desperately needs it. Instead, we are told more taxes and solar panels are the answer. Figures.

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