Wednesday June 11, 2008 | Tree Ordinances

June 10, 2008 at 10:19 am | Posted in On Air | 2 Comments

On Charlotte Talks, we’ve had several conversations about the health of our tree canopy and ways to preserve it.  That preservation is done through a web of legislation, with each city in Mecklenburg County protecting its green space through tree ordinances.  We’ll learn about those tree ordinances and whether they provide a bulwark against a rising tide of development.
Doug Shoemaker – Research Analyst, Center for Applied Geographic Information Science, UNC Charlotte
Lauren Blackburn – Davidson Town Planner
Laura Brewer – Senior Urban Forestry Specialist, Certified Arborist, City of Charlotte
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  1. I can’t listen live, but …

    Most tree ordinances are based on canopy coverage or stem count. Has anyone ever considered an ordinance based on wood mass?

    This would encourage developers and property owners to preserve and protect the most valuable trees. It would also encourage them to act proactively if they know a diseased or troublesome specimen will have to come out in a few years that they have to plant an appropriate replacement NOW.

    I’d rather see a few 60 foot oaks and hickories than a row of spindly parking lot trees that get mowed down every few years. I have a 15-year-old tree in my yard with more leaves than all the plantings in some “exemplary” parking lots.

  2. I heard your talk yesterday. I am directing a camp for elementary and middle grades students next week at UNC Charlotte. Our content theme is people who make a difference and our content focus is environmental issues. Is there any way that one of your guests would consider speaking to our campers next week about what they could do to build community awareness about trees, tree ordinances, and tree preservation?

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