Friday June 6, 2008 | Bicycling in Charlotte

June 5, 2008 at 3:13 pm | Posted in On Air | 5 Comments

Biking in CharlotteLocal transportation officials and advocates continue to examine ways to make our growing city more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.  We’ll look at the latest short and long term visions for mixed transportation, along with the evolving, sometimes rocky, relationship between area motorists and bicyclists.
Martin Zimmerman
– Executive Director, Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance
Anthony Foxx – Charlotte City Councilman; Chair, Council Transportation Committee
Dan Gallagher – Transportation Planner, Charlotte Dept. of Transportation
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  1. I am bothered that the Executive Director of the Bike Alliance could say that riding on sidewalks is allowed when it is not. To be specific I will quote City Code Section 14 subsection 251:

    Sec. 14-251. Riding on sidewalks.

    It shall be unlawful to operate a bicycle upon the public sidewalks located within the congested business district as defined in section 6-431. However, police officers acting in the discharge of their official duties are permitted to operate bicycles upon all of the public sidewalks in the city, including those sidewalks located within the congested business district.

  2. Mike, for those among us who do not feel physically fit enough for riding a bike any distance – there are new things coming out all the time. One is a thing called “RevoPower” which consists of a wheel that would replace your present front wheel. It enables the rider to use the front wheel to switch the bike to a gas powered vehicle. A small tank is attached to the bike chassis (about as big as a water bottle). It enables the bike to go up to 40 miles an hour and gets well over 100 miles to a gallon. The RevoPower should be ready for sale some time in 2008. There is no longer an excuse that a hill is too big an obstacle, or a trip is too lengthy for the individual who may feel out of shape.
    p.s. I’m not selling anything. I learned about this from Popular Science magazine.

  3. I am a commuter, I use the sidewalks at every chance I get!! If I see someone walking I hit the street or grass! Charlotte is getting better but we still have a long way to go. streets are not wide enough in some areas for bike and cars. anyone who would complains about a biker on the sidewalk is the same person who gets mad at bikers in the street! we can’t please people like this. Commuters are people who like to bike for different reason, money, health, or what ever. Give us a chance. Don’t get angry at us because we live close to our job or store or friends or where ever we choose to commute to. Thanks to all who commute and make our presents known.

  4. Message for Karla

    Karla, it is Sunday and I am reading the feedback to Friday’s show. I am in the process of checking the accuracy of your quote with Ken Tippette the CDOT Bicycle Manager. You are welcome to send me your email address so I or KT can respond directly to you as soon as possible.

    Martin Zimmerman

  5. re: Where to ride

    I never ride on the sidewalk, but make an effort to ride with respect for the traffic. I also insist they respect me.

    I don’t pass in the gutter at a traffic light, but I do “claim my lane” so cars can’t do the same to me. Once I’m solidly into the intersection so they can’t make a turn 2 feet in front of me, I try to give them the opportunity to pass – safely. The same thing applies (as mentioned on air) to riding side-by-side.

    I promise, I’m a lot more aware of the cars around me and how I might be impacting them than they are as they blow by “that debris in the gutter.”

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