Wednesday June 4, 2008 | Economy Series: Recession

June 2, 2008 at 10:12 am | Posted in On Air | 1 Comment

We conclude our series on the economy with a look at the factors that can lead to a recession, how close our current economy is to a recession, and the impact that past recessions have had on both the marketplace and the psyche of the American consumer.
Dr. John Connaughton – Professor of Economics, UNC Charlotte
Dr. Vikram Kumar – Professor of Economics, Davidson College
Dr. Haseeb Ahmed – Associate Professor of Economics, Johnson C. Smith University
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  1. My husband, a Wachovia employee, loves the saying “When the tide goes out you can see who’s been swimming naked”. He was the only one in his group smiling on Monday when Thompson got the boot. Whether it be individuals financing McMansions they cannot afford or Wachovia making a serious of disasterous business decisions, those who have been greedy and stupid will learn some hard lessons over the next several months. The Wachovia brand was kept because First Union had such a bad reputation…. now the Wachovia name has been sullied by Golden West, the telemarketing scandal and the ongoing money laundering investigation… perhaps a name change by the way of an acquisition by another well-run bank is in order.

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