Tuesday June 3, 2008 | Developers on Development

June 2, 2008 at 9:58 am | Posted in On Air | 4 Comments

We’ve had many shows on develpoment, but today we hear from developers on the process from buying a piece of land to full development.  Developers are often seen as evil entities in the growth of a city, but they suggest that they are often misunderstood.  We’ll learn about ethical development, stewardship, and the nuts and bolts of development.  
Clay Grubb – President, Grubb Properties
Dennis Richter – Partner, Centro Cityworks
David Walters – Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, UNC Charlotte
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  1. Culture demands pedestrianism, or people getting out of their cars. Charlotte should work toward removing the need for cards in the inner city, much like Amsterdam.
    Few own cards in places like Manhattan and Boston, and people are in better health for the exercise.

    Cars and their purveyors have a chokehold on our city, literally. Since more and more people will,like me, give up their car to live in the city…why not go ahead and plan for it?

    And while you’re at it, why not plan more safe, geodesic and green buildings, and a few Frank Gehrys.

    Learn from the whole world. Charlotte could be a feng shui garden city that actually heals people, rather than choking them.

    Vision gents.


  2. correction: Charlotte should work toward removing the need for CARS in the inner city, much like Amsterdam.

    (cards are another matter)

  3. One of my greatest concerns about the rapid development of Charlotte is the reduction and redevelopment of affordable housing options, especially along the Blue Line. Charlotte’s own master plans have marked several low income rental properties for redevelopment, which will push those citizens further away from our new cheap, reliable transit line.

    How can developers make low income housing profitable in a desirable area so we don’t continue forcing these families out into undesirable areas?

  4. As a young parent and clergy, I am very concerned with our stewardship and the type of environment we are passing on. I am concerned about what type of things we as jayne and john q public can do to influence positive development and ourselves participate in “good” or green development that makes the most of an environment. Do our speakers have any suggestions for us?

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