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Today, we turn to you for our show topics.  What’s on your mind right now?  Do the economic reports trouble you?  Or do you expect to weather the current economy comfortably?  What do you think about the ongoing race for the Democratic nomination?  Is it good for the party or hurting unity?  Tell us what you think.
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  1. For the Democrats, the final ticket needs to be a combination of two of these four: Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Gore. And they all need to play a role.
    This is how to create a Democratic tidal wave.
    A healing tsunami of recovery.

    And for McCain?
    Humor him.
    The Republican brand is broken.

    Is this even debatable?

  2. I am so tired of the women around this country crying sexism….as a woman, i find hillary and her campaign and her supporters using this highly offensive. didn’t we want equality? she is doing nothing but supporting her ego and for the sake of the party she claims she loves, she should get out. her expectation of the nomination being hers and now she cannot understand how it didn’t happen? she wasn’t and isn’t entitled to anything but a chance for the nomination and the people have spoken. the way she has run her campaign is the main reason for her trouble, that and her acting like a republican


  3. I like how when Mike names anyone right-of-center, he tags them as conservative. That’s fair. But when he talks about anyone left of center, and he does cite them often, he doesn’t tag them as liberal. He made mention of right wing news but then gave George Soros a free plug for his book not more than 3 minutes apart. He’s done this same treatment when naming Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Colbert, and Olberman specifically as sources of his material in the past. Mike, his show, his topics, and his guests all smack of a strong tilt left. That’s fair, but he shouldn’t try to claim a mantle of non-partisanship.

  4. Gary. Thanks for your comments, however, as the Associate Producer of this program I can assure you that we never, ever, think of left or right when we pick guests and topics. Rather, we think of how it can be balanced. I would invite you to go through our archives. You will find guests like Charles Krauthammer, George Will, religious conservatives, conservative authors and many balanced panels. One recent example would be the series I produced on Civics 101. Mike demanded, and I agreed, that we should have at least one member from each party from the City Council, County Commission and even the B.O.E. For the County Commission show we booked two Republicans and two Democrats. Furthermore, we’ve had countless conversations about trying to make the Average Joe series as balanced as possible. I think you might agree that other radio outlets in our region do not present nearly the same balance guest lineups that we do. I would certainly welcome examples to the contrary. Having said that, your opinions and feedback are just the kind of thing that keeps the discussion balanced and representative of the variety of perspectives we welcome at WFAE. I think our position on that variety of voices makes us unique in this city. So keep those great comments coming.


  5. That’s exactly why I am doing this, to provide the balance that I think is lacking to the show. As far as the archives, I probably listen more faithfully than any other person out there so I know the amount of tilt that I am getting.

    Can you please answer why it is that Mike specifically names conservatives as conservatives but never names liberals as liberals? In this show he named Tucker Carlson specifically as such but always fails to do that when talking Colbert/Maher/Stewart/Chris Matthews/Olbermann/etc? It is a very very telling aspect of what goes into these shows and exactly which way the slant goes to.

  6. …and furthermore, I would take issue with your ‘desire’ to make average joe’s more balanced. it never is. the closest it comes is when you have a republican that is voting obama. This has happened several times. I do not take other shows in the region into account because they typically don’t have guests but they also clearly own up to their slant. NPR never does and Charlotte Talks continues that tradition.

  7. I have to agree with Gary. I do have a lot of respect for your show and believe that you sincerely think that you are balanced.

  8. Gary, Bill Maher isn’t a liberal. He calls himself more libertarian than anything else.

    Maybe Mike should ID these “liberals.” Who knows what else they’re hiding? Why do they hate America and the troops? Do they check the lemons for germs when they go out to eat?

    I actually know a couple of conservative persons who told me, “…that Colbert guy is right on the money!” When I pointed out it’s a character and he’s lampooning Bill-O-Really, I got the stock, “…(grumble) liberal media!” comeback.

  9. Gary,

    If you think that Average Joe’s is not balanced enough, submit your name for inclusion. We ask for those listeners who consider themselves more conservative than they perceive us to be to join the panel all the time. We would welcome your inclusion. Mike would welcome your comments and criticisms on the air. I’d encourage you not to judge us for not seeking balance when that is exactly what I am doing right now. If you think we’re not balanced enough–come on Average Joe’s and say so. Lastly, I know you say you listen to the show and know the archives. If that’s the case, then perhaps you remember the Average Joe show we did the month before last when every member of the panel described themselves as Republican or conservative. I would submit to you that there are moderates and independents in this world and that just because someone is Republican doesn’t mean they agree with everything that is going on in today’s administration or with every other Republican. That is one of the wonderful qualities we’ve found about Average Joe’s. We find it very refreshing that there is such a diverse range of views among our listeners. We’ve had Average Joe’s say that every single move that President Bush has made was good, we’ve had Joe’s that said any public healthcare of any kind should be abolished, and we’ve had Joe’s and Joanne’s who took issues with those positions. We’ve had it all. Why don’t you add your voice to the mix and email us at with your contact info and some of the basic Average Joe information that you can find on the website?

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